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Firing Judges: Typical?


I really don’t know the answer to this; so I pose it to the PWI family.

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked for the resignations of 46 US attorneys, igniting anger from officials who say they were given no warning about their dismissal”.

“The Justice Department announced the firings on Friday afternoon, and many prosecutors had not been formally notified or even told before they were fired, according to a law enforcement source. Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente was in the beginning stages of calling each US attorney individually to tell them they had to resign when the DOJ issued the statement”.

“A law enforcement source charged that “this could not have been handled any worse,” because there was little warning. Many prosecutors found out through media reports that they had to resign today”.

Does this typically happen when a new Administration comes in? (I could certainly understand the “supporting the Administration’s agenda” argument if it is).



Surely if these are attorneys, they aren’t judges? Have no idea why you wouldn’t promulgate a decision to trim a department in advance, though.


It is typical for a new admin to ask for the resignation of/fire the US DAs (not judges as per the thread title). That said, the sudden, chaotic manner in which this was handled is not typical (for most admins; although it seems par-for-the-course for this one).


It’s normal procedure



Sorry for the mixing of terms.

So…what is usually the reason for the firing…is it as simple as wanting to have more “Administration Friendly” DA’s?


I think the answer is in the RENO Article:

“…Law enforcement, however, is about more than handling individual cases. It is about making overarching policy choices.”

“These policy choices are the stuff of politics. They often weigh heavily in presidential campaigns and elections. Law-and-order issues intimately affect people’s lives. When presidents make promises about them, they must expect to be held accountable.”

"U.S. attorneys are the instruments through which the president exercises his policy discretion. That is why they are political appointees.

Got it!


Yes. Installing your own appointees is perfectly standard - dumping them with practically zero notice is not. And it is dumb as a practical matter (there are cases pending) and more proof of this administration’s lack of integrity.


You are stating this purely out of hatred of all things Trump. The same procedure goes back to Reagan and here are DOJ statement and two articles proving that.

Sarah Isgur Flores, Director of Public Affairs at the Department of Justice, released the following
"As was the case in prior transitions, many of the United States Attorneys nominated by the previous administration already have left the Department of Justice. The Attorney General has now asked the remaining 46 presidentially appointed U.S. Attorneys to tender their resignations in order to ensure a uniform transition. Until the new U.S. Attorneys are confirmed, the dedicated career prosecutors in our U.S. Attorney’s Offices will continue the great work of the Department in investigating, prosecuting, and deterring the most violent offenders."



When a US attorney is appointed he fully understands his job longevity depends on the party in power. Surely the day after the election these people started job hunting. That’s about 4 months.


You just described every post for half the people here


This is 100% consistent behavior on Trumps part and as predictable as this afternoons sunset.


Never ceases to amaze me how obviously highly intelligent people can be so biased, and lack the objectivity to realize it.


Nope. Both W. and Obama allowed the serving U.S. attorneys to transition out gradually and help their predecessor start taking over, which makes total sense…

…unless you’re trying to score cheap political points with a bunch of half-educated Trumpkins who will say “Hell yeah! Throw them Obama appointees out yesterday!”, despite the negative impact on the cases and the local office.

Which is why Trump is doing it this way. He doesn’t care about the quality of the performance of DOJ in their respective places - he just wants to induce a sugar high among his followers that he is sticking it to Obama in hopes of distracting them from his Obamacare-lite proposal.


Yep. Consistent, predictable, and stupid.


Trump asked Preet Bharara to stay on initially and then fired him today. Funny timing since Hannity urged Trump to fire everyone from the Obama era on his Thursday show and Sessions did exactly that the following morning. Bharara, probably the highest-profile US Attorney in the country, has gone after corrupt democrats just as much as republicans in the past.

And it looks like he was in the process of investigating Fox News.


But that’s NOT the way it was done on “The Apprentice”, TB…


Please cite for me the administration saying these are immediate dismissals as opposed to the department statement of
"…Until the new U.S. Attorneys are confirmed, the dedicated career prosecutors in our U.S. Attorney’s Offices will continue the great work of the Department in investigating, prosecuting, and deterring the most violent offenders."
All I see are statements from Pelosi and Schumer conjecturing that.

The Free Republic citation (appears none have clicked it) above, shows all 93 of Clinton’s transitions even though the resignation was demanded to all prosecutors immediately. From Vox

Indeed, at around this time in the first year President Bill Clinton’s administration, Attorney General Janet Reno demanded the resignation of all US Attorneys. President George W. Bush did something similar in 2001, though his Justice Department arranged a more gradual turnover, where all the holdovers would be out by June of that year. President Obama was a little slower, but got rolling on this by May 2009

Edit I see you and I are saying the same thing about transitioning, but I want to see Trump is planning something different other than Pelosi/Schumer said as a proof


Even though my last comment was meant to be a “little” tongue-in-cheek…I do think that there may be some reality to it.

I think the President “may” be learning that running the Government is not like running a business where a President or CEO may have more absolute power.

Now; when you say that; people are quick to say “Well…it NEEDS to be run like a business…!”. And it’s often from the same people who seem to quote the Constitution to either justify or discredit any Governmental action.

Guess what, folks? The founders did NOT set up the Republic to run like a business…nor is the Constitution some glorified business plan.

The sooner the President learns that he is not the “Supreme Leader” of the U.S…but instead is the President of a Representative Republic…the smoother things may go.

Right now it is chaos.


Right. Five other presidents do it over a span of 37 years, but Trump does it and he’s satisfying the cravings of a bunch of rabid hilbillys.

The proctology and gynocology businesses must be booming at this point trying to heal the butthurt of the Hillary fans and rinse the sand out of all of your vags. Hope Trump didn’t mess with those services in the new health care bill because they have never been so badly needed.


Fighting on Sat nite…
A part of my ‘former’ life