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Firestarter by Mara Croft

Hi there.
I am 43 year old mother of two, trying to workout for strength and endurance. 52 kg bw, 163 cm.
I am a restaurant manager working on different shifts. That’s why most of the time I could find time for two workouts a week only.
I am using main lifts mostly- squat, deadlift, military press.
I hope opening this training log will help me to be more motivated and I am very open to suggestions and constructive criticism.

Monday 26.3.18

0. Squat: 4 х 35 kg 4 х 40 kg, 4 х 45 kg 3 х 50 kg, 3 х 55 кг

1. Squat: 1,1,1,1,1 х 60 kg

2. SS:
Good morning: 8 х 35 kg, 8,8 х 40 kg
Side press: 6,6,6 х 12,5 kg

3. SS:
One leg deadlift : 10,10,10,10 30 kg
Lateral rise: 10,10,10,10 х 10 kg disk

Wednesday 28.03.18

1. Deadlift: 3 x 60 kg, 3 x 70 kg, 3 x 75 kg, 2,2 x 85 kg, 1,1 x 85 kg

2. SS
Squat: 10,10,10 10 x 45 kg
Bench press : 10, 10 х 25 kg 6,6 х 30 kg

3. SS:
Glute bridges : 12,12,12 х 85 kg
Dragon flag negatives 10,10,10

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Welcome! In for ur log b4 @Irishman92


Thank you !:blush:

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In for the follow.

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Hi everyone :blush:
First I want to apologise for my poor English but working full time from the second day after I arrived in London and rising two kids in the same time I only had time to study during the nights with my youngest son’s school books.

After a very busy evening shift at the resto last night and before a double shift tomorrow :joy: I wasn’t very sure if it was a good idea to go to the gym this afternoon. However it’s a fact now so I am quite happy that I found time for a third work out this week.
Except the Renegade row which I am very proud of, nothing very special with the other lifts today.
I am still working on my deadlift technique and I think it is getting better. I really hope to be able to lift 100 kg by the end of the year which will be twice my body weight.
I can see that most of you are writing your lifts in lbs but I am Bulgarian :grin: and it’s easily for me to write mine in kilograms.


**1. Deadlift:: 3 х 55 kg, 3 х 65 kg, 4 х 70 kg **
5,5,5,5 х 75 kg

2. Superset:
Deadlift from deficit: 6,6,6,6 x 60 kg
Side press : 8,6,6,6 x 12,5 kg

3. Superset:
Renegade row: 4,3,3 with 2 x 20 kg
One leg hops : 50,50,50 with 2 x 5 kg

Nice and easy :blush:

The food :
Coffee with coconut oil, maca and gelatin; 1 banana, shot of JD- pre work out.
3 rice cakes with homemade lamb liver pate, a dose of beef protein- post work out.
For dinner will have beef burger with sweet potato and salad.

Every day I take: Resveratrol, Q10, Magnesium, Creatine, wild oregano oil, Fish oil.


I know that it’s probably a stupid question but is there any other way to upload a youtube video than copy and paste the link? Because with copy and paste all I can see is the link not the real video. :neutral_face:

P.S. Done :blush:

In for the log and progress.
There are some awesome female lifters around here:
@littlelee, @jamie1888, @countrygirl2016, @planetcybertron Might have missed some, but take a look in some of the other logs it’s a fun place to be.


To link the video so it shows up, click copy share url on the actual video by holding down on the video ( as if to press pause) or whilst on the video click on the arrow sorta thing then click copy link.


Thank you @mortdk! :blush:
I will definitely take a look at the other girls logs.

Thank you very much @duketheslaya for your help.
I don’t know how I did it, but somehow I uploaded my video. Next time I will follow your instructions :blush:

Hello and welcome! You look fantastic and I’m excited to follow your log and maybe learn from you. Everyone here is amazing and a huge help as you can already tell so ask or say whatever you want. Currently my log is just random post because I’m on the injured list. Hopefully I’ll be back to lifting very soon!!!

@Spock81 and @anon71262119 are two outstanding lifters to follow as well!! They are awesome and motivating :smiley:


Doubled post :blush::cocktail::wine_glass::beers:

Thank you very much for your kindness and the warm welcome @countrygirl2016 :blush:
I hope you are getting better and you will be ready to lift again very soon.
On my first day off work I will try to check as many logs as I can of all the amazing people here.
I will be very grateful for any help and appreciate every advice from all of you.

Thanks again everyone! :blush::blush::wine_glass:


After the double shift on Sunday and evening shift last night I was a bit tired this afternoon but I am not working tomorrow and have so many plans for the whole day so I decided to go to the gym just before the shift this evening.
Had a coffee and a shot of JD and felt better strait away😀


1.Squat: 20 x 44 lbs, 10 x 66 lbs, 10 x 88 lbs
2, 2, 2 x 132 lbs, 5,5 x 121 lbs

Military press: 4,4 x 66 lbs , 6,6,6 x 55 lbs
One led deadlift : 10,10,10,10 x 66 lbs

3.Superset :
Abductor with band: 30,30,30
Lots of slow negative pull ups

All for less than 45 min.

Any ideas for abductor exercises will be greatly appreciated :blush:. My gym is very small and old fashioned and have no machines.


I’m in to learn more about lifting from a female perspective.

Nice pull ups!

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:blush:Thank you @losthog

Awesome!!! Very nice to see you, pretty lady.

We seem to be adding more women lately. WHOOT!!!

In for the follow. From the US, so I had to look up your height in cm. You’re a bit taller. I’m about 157 cm and also about 52 kg. I’m also in my 40s with kids.

I will tag @ChickenLittle - who might be right about your height and weight as well. I think. Is that right, CL? And @ouroboro_s, and @brute_fury so they’ll know you’re over here, especially since you’re interested in PLing and strength.

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Thanks for the tag @anon71262119. I would likely not have seen this log otherwise.

@mara_croft welcome to t-nation. I’m a 53 year old powerlifter and keep a log in the Over 35 section.


@anon71262119 Yes! I’m around 163cm and 52kg. Had to google it ha!
Welcome Mara! Happy to have you here. Will be following!


Cool!!! And you are in the UK?? I lived in England very briefly and sorely miss the inexpensive priced vegetables!! And the CHEESE!!!

I’m a 36 year old lifter- 77 kg wt class (around 170 pounds), 175 cm ( five foot 8 inches) I train strongman stuff lately but did powerlifting years ago. I log in Powerful Women section–not many other threads alive there but I like it there.

I hope you get as much positive feedback and info I have over the years on this site! Welcome!

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