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Fireman's Training Workout

i have recently decided to go out for the FDNY, and for awhile now have been going to the gym. i am 5, 11 and around 185 pounds. i have a regular routine that is more aimed towards high reps. anyone have any advice as how i should beginning training towards becoming a fireman?

i was thinking of starting to do a riggorous leg routine to prepare for the parts of the test that involve carrying the all the gear up the stairs. Squats anyone?

Squats, lunges, stair climbing, crawling, climbing, dragging, pushing, pulling, sledgehammer stuff, overhead pressing and holding - all done while wearing a weighted vest or something else since you will be wearing 40-80lbs of equipment while you do those things in training and on the job!

Do the FDNY not have a suggested workout to prepare for the test?

A quick google search found this guy http://firefightersworkout.com/mentor.html - might be worth the money?

Elite Published an article on this not too long ago:


Its sort of abstract, but makes the general point that you’ll be using your full body. So lit with your full body. It seems like strong man training and big lifts are going to be your best friends.

i was thinking of implementing 5 sets per exercise with 8 reps to help build strength. i do have a weight vest but its only 20 pounds and i usually run hills with it.

stairs stairs and stairs

build up your entire kinetic chain by throwing in some deads into your routine.

get a sled, find some heavy ass rocks, or find a sandbag, and drag it.
it would be best for you to time yourself and keep track of distances covered.
being a firefighter is not about aesthetics, you need results.

I have many buddies tha tare phoenix fire rescue.

they all do the same training

sand bags,need to be able to carry 200 pounds dead weight up and down 5 flights of stairs.

also heat,wear a jacket outside while you run you have to be able to handle the heat.
they are crazy,they do sand bag training in empty training buildings in summer with 120 degree heat in full turnouts.

endurance is huge though.
the sandbags are on top of the gear weight
so figour wearing a backpack with 80 pounds in it yo make up for tanks and gear and then slap a bag on your shoulders,drag the bag just throw it all over

you need to be physically ready to carry that half dead fat guy out of an O2 deprived,hot,burning building