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Fireman TRT Log

I know the common feeling is that they are inefficient and I’m not going to remain on them due to other reasons but they do seem to be working to raise serum levels quite high

I’m taking the equivalent of maybe 50-60 mg a week dependent on absorption and I’ve raised level from 400 to 1400

I just don’t have any experience with it. I don’t know why its so high .

Can only help you with injections.

Judging by those numbers do you think I should start at less than 100mg a week? With the Esther that delivers 75 mg a week which would put me even higher than what I’m at now

Correctionwith the Esther it leaves approx 70 mg of test

Its really important to know your SHBG for that reason.

Even though you are injecting 100mg of test cyp, it actually gives you like 80 or something.

But you can always start lower and increase up. Generally people don’t get too high on 100mg a week, and if you do, its an easy fix, lower your dose. You can even skip a dose if you are that worried.