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Fireman TRT Log

Hi all. Been lurking for awhile and educating myself as much as possible and thought I would join in with my own log and reap the benefit of the collective knowledge here.
Background- 42 year old male
5”11 195 muscular build
Weight gain around stomach nothing severe at all but that’s where my weight goes.
Workout 5-6 times a week and work as a firefighter so quite physically active.
All in all pretty healthy guy. Don’t really monitor diet too much and have a few pops a week but nothing severe.
Decided to look into TRT as I felt for the amount as quality of my workouts I was plateauing. Also experienced fatigue and general grumpiness as well as a decline in erection quality. Libido still great.
Initial blood tests:

Decided to start TRT however doctor would only prescribe Androgel.
Started on 6 pumps a day of 1% Androgel. Blood tests after 2 weeks taken 3 hours after application so peak ;

Test came back high and was feeling good, not needing naps generally better mood however maybe less libido but good erections.
Next 2 weeks not feeling quite as good but still ok so took another set of labs 24 hours after application to get my trough.

So test is now lower than when I started. Figure that means I’m now shut down. I know half life of gels is extremely quick so does this mean I’m in a good range for maybe 12 hours after application and then I crash? Also appears that my e2 is low and was in fact low prior to beginning TRT.
ANy thoughts comments or advice would be appreciated. My gut feeling is I should switch to 100mg once a week every 3.5 days of cypionate injected sub q. Unfortunately dr won’t switch to injections but I do have access to ugl test, would obviously rather do pharma grade but don’t think it’s possible with this doc. Again thanks for reading and appreciate the feedback

Go with your gut sir. Maybe find a new doc that is willing to get you on a modern protocol even if it doesnt fill their pockets with money.

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Injections are more efficient. Either talk the Doc into home based Test Cyp shots or find a new doc. A lot of the Docs like to keep the patient coming into the office once or twice a week for the money.

I am injecting 80mg every 3.5 days or so. No HcG, No AI. I just had blood work done, and my Test came back at an 855, but that was based off of 100mgs a week. If you are confident in your needle injection skills, you could start with SubQ, but intra-muscular is the easiest way for me. I alternate quads. Draw with a 20g, inject with a 23g.

Your E2 didnt seem that high compared to your Test levels. Keep an eye on the symptoms. Bloating, retaining excessive water, mood swings, shitty erections, and of course Gyno. Low E2 is just as bad if not worse.

Are you ready to stab yourself twice a week for the rest of your life? It gets old.

Unfortunately is a matter of not being educated. Just came from office and he gave the same old spiel about more side effects etc. Has referred me to endo but not sure that will be any better

My e2 is actually low. If you convert to standard units it’s been ranging from 10-14. As a medic I’m confident in my injection skills so that’s not an issue. Yes twice a week forever is daunting

Assuming you get paid well as a fireman, go see a real TRT doctor. One who will give you shots and let you self inject.

Also, definitely get that E2 up. Long term low e2 is not good for bones.

Unfortunately in Canada there’s not many of those around. Any idea why e2 is so low and how to raise it?

Any doctors forcing T-Gels and weekly office injections is more concerned about money than allowing you to continue your life not tied to the clinic.

A lot of men don’t absorb T gel at all, it’s only enough until your natural production shuts down. It’s more than likely as time goes on you will absorb less and less T-gel. Any doctor that doesn’t believe in self injections at home probably doesn’t have enough confidence in himself to allow a patient to do it.

I didn’t do well at all on weekly injections, even twice weekly I responded poorly to TRT do to lower SHBG, it wasn’t until I started injecting EOD that I started responding to TRT. Your SHBG must be extremely low do to your free T of 8.1 with a Total T of 149, you may need injections EOD or everyday to make TRT work.

There are private clinics in Canada with real hormone doctors who know what their are doing, there are quite a few of them in Canada, you just have to find them.

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Gels suck. It will be easier to raise E2 when your test doesn’t go up and down on the daily. Much more stable on shots.

You need test to convert to e2. Low test, low e2.

Test went up to 999 after 2 weeks on gel but e2 did not rise much at all.

I’m going away over holidays for a week to a situation where I won’t be able to apply gel. So I could switch to an injection day prior to leaving or just go cold turkey woe a week and restart with every 3.5 days injection when I return. Thoughts?

You have the ability to take a shot before you are gone?

Yes I have a vial of cypionate. UGL would much rather do pharma grade but it is from a trusted friend.

Personally id give myself a shot. 100mg a week is about where most people start. Your SHBG might be a little low, so I would be cautious about injecting 100mg at once. Might be ok.

Id go with 80-100 in 1 shot before you go.

Roger that. The low shbg will just cause more free T? If so maybe I go with 80 mg. I’m not even getting that much right now with the gel

Well test cyp has an esther, so its slowly metabolized, you don’t get it all at once. But with lower shbg, you get higher free t numbers with less test.

High free t equally causing high e2. Is that the concern? Here’s my latest blood lab taken 3 hours after application

Free t around 36 total T in 1400’s. This seems high for transdermal no?

One interesting thing is that I don’t find I’m gettimg a ton of erections. The quality is better but i almost feel that my sex drive was higher before starting.

I have no experience with gels besides knowing they are inefficient.