Firefighter Training

Idk what happen to my other thread so I’m going to make a new one i guess. I want to become a firefighter. I’m 16 so i have lot of time and i like powerlifting(want a raw elite total). I want to know what the firefighters had to physically do.
Can i get away with powerlifting and doing Defranco style conditioning(ie prowlers, farmers walk)?
Were the physical exams hard?
How was the fire academy like?

The physical exams are not too taxing if you are in shape. If you are lookin into doing this for a career I’d concentrate on your strength and cardio for right now. Being 16 this should not be too difficult for you. Being flexible also helps in the academy. In the academy you’re going to be running and doing a lot of calistinics (if I can spell that right) and hardly any weight lifting.

I had a blast in my academy and wouldn’t trade it for anything. The biggest thing is get in shape if your not right now. Go to a local fire station and talk to some of the guys and see if this is a career you’d like.

Not sure what is required in U.S. but I know someone here at home and the shit he has to go through is to get accepted is nuts.Basically you need to finish an apprentiship in some kind of trade.Then that wasen’t good enough.Now he had to join the armed forces to become a firefighter to get a better chance at a civie firefighting job when he is done his 5 yrs.
The physical sounds like the easy part.Plus as in any job it helps to know someone,lots of politics in this field from what I’ve been told…Hope this helps.Good luck.