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FireFighter Physical

I was wondering if any of you guys out there have experience with the NYC firefighter physical…in terms of training for it. Fat-to-fire looks good, I also think I need to incorporate some form of grip training. I just want to hear some ideas out there. Thanks.

For grip traning take a look at this weeks article “Keep Your Chin Up” if you haven’t already.

I may be just pointing out the obvious, but anyhow…

Gusto, fat to fire would be good but you must get your running in and be able to do pullups for reps, fat to fire works great but dont neglect the cardio…get pushups and pullups along with situps in during your gpp days and run run run

Hey Gusto,
You could always try to contact Coach Davies via e-mail and get something a bit more specific. Just a thought being as how he has worked with Firemen in the past.

Do as much task specific training as possible. Think of this as training for a meet, it is a one time shot. I co-ran our departments program and entrance exam, and this is the advice I gave all the participants. Find the events used and practice them. Good luck.

Ditto on the above post! For preparing for the test the main part of your training/preparation is task-related exercise. Not once will you find curls, tricep pushdowns, bench press, or upright rows in the CPAT. But you will notice there is stuff like overhead press, pull downs, farmer’s walks, walking lunges/stair climbing, power cleans and presses, and deadlifts for example.

When I was in training for the CPAT, my core exercises were mainly running stadiums (the field for a lap followed by running up, down, and across the bleachers), Power cleans and presses (for reps), pull ups followed by dead hangs, farmer’s walks, deadlifts, push ups, handstand push ups, swimming, and tire tossing. Now these were exercises I did because I did not have access to the proper equipment. If you have access to the proper equipment train at least 3 times as much as doing one cycle of the test. Since the test is a circuit, that is what you want to work towards. To tweak your training raise the difficulty bar with weight, time, reps, or speed. Just one thing, never stop your training for physical fitness- your motivation being that it’s your job to stay fit in mind and body and someone else’s life may depend on if you can carry them to safety. Besides, man-handling a 2.5" hoseline charged @ 180psi is a biatch on your own.