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Fire Mission... Votes Needed


Ok, T-Nation...help my 12 year old win an iPad from her orthodontist by voting for her picture in their Great Smiles contest.

Just click the FaceBook connect button to sign in and vote...thanks for the help.





Done! Hope she wins!


Done. She's beautiful she must be so happy to get her braces off!


Very happy...she can't stop smiling. Makes that $5,000.00 worth of orthodontia worth it...


I voted.

Man, I remember my braces. Got them off November 25th 1988. I still remember!


Thanks, Nards!


Sure. Looks like she's cleaning up, anyway.


She was killing it a week ago...but these two kids came out of nowhere and now they're beating her by a few votes.



Dude, come on man. You didn't get the memo? If you make a post on here asking for votes, you have to post compromising photos of your significant other (provided your SO is a woman. if not, your sister will suffice). This is a give and take sort of thing. We give you our votes and you give us some pics. But your daughter has a great smile so I voted for her anyways. But I expect reciprocation.


Done and I put three kids through braces so I feel your pain.


Reciprocation = Wife in front of the same EliteFTS rack...




She has one more vote.

In response to the wife pics, you are clearly a man who delivers!


I'm not voting because I want that goddamn ipad. So I'm entering this lil contest.

Or we can make a deal

If she wins she has to let me use it every other day


Sorry, apparently I can't vote for her because I'm not on Facebook.


Sir, you have class beyond what words can describe. When I go to Starbucks later today I'm going to vote for your daughter again since I'll be at a different IP address; I already tried to stuff the ballot box but I was denied.




Technically you can create an account on the contest website to vote...but shit ain't that serious.


That's the damn spirit!

If you folks really wanna hook a brova up, you'll repost the contest on your FaceBook walls...all viral and sheet!


You are the man JP so I will vote.


Yeah, that's what I did, since I didn't feel like using my facebook.

And normally I'll skip past these things, but a) that has to be just about the cutest goddamn kid I've ever seen, b) she's deadlifting and ergo is 100% awesome, and c) you pulled through with pics of the wifey.