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Fire Meet Fuel


Frustrations boil over as Texas wildfires turn up the heat

"Texas is in urgent need of a federal disaster declaration to help respond to wildfires throughout the state, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said Friday"

I am not trying to get a Obama is getting back at Perry thread. But rather I am thinking about Perry's oft mentioned disdain for government interference, bloat, meddling with states' affairs. Perry has been back in the state of Texas because of the fires but the quotes are not coming from him and they are saying the Lt. Gov is responsible for taking care of the situation while Perry campaigns. Bear in mind fires started back in Nov and it has been as issue ever since. I guess I am wondering about settling Perry's previous comments about federal interference and, in this case, the need for fed gov't action. (I do realise that giving the state's access to equipment as needed rather than requiring the fed's to making proper designation would be one way around this - but paying for the 'rent' could be an ugly mess.) So the questions could be, if prompting is needed, should disaster designation and support be a role of the federal gov't? And/or Does this complicate Perry's message of a smaller fed gov't/role when the state he is governor desperately needs federal help?


Just an FYI you guys are getting help from other USAR teams and Wildland FF teams from other parts of the country. Along with air support from the Fed Govt and grants have already been issued for the hardest hit areas.

As an example the air tanker brought in is owned by a private company and least to the US Forest Service. IT is a DC-10 capable of dropping 12,ooo gallons of retardent over an area. The costs of leasing the plane for this fire does fall onto the state.


I just read an interesting piece but not sure how much proof there is to it.

So I'll pose this question to residents of Texas.

I find it ironic that Perry took an axe to the states firefighting budget, but is now complaining that "Federal" help isn't coming in fast enough?

It was in an article I read how volunteer departments in Tx are having problems keeping equipment usable and putting fuel in firefighting vehicles due to these budget cuts.

How much truth to this?