Fire Fighter Training Everyone?

I was wondering if anybody has a great suggestion on a training plan for firefighter who has to do an intense course. I don’t know what it will be but usually it consists of:
Carrying equipment,
Sprint with loaded hoses,
Stairs climbing with hoses,
Carrying a 175 lb dummy,
keiser machine (160 lb beam you hit with a 9lb sledge and drive it 5 ft)

Everything is done with a 60 lb gear. Avg. time 8 to 10 min.
It’s a hard test that requires strenght and endurance (Click on the link for the video TEST D'APTITUDES PHYSIQUES POMPIERS - YouTube )

I’m 5’8’’
165 lbs
Squat : 365 lb
Deadlift: 375 lb
Bench: 235 lb
I have failed it last time. Anyone can help me?

What specific criteria did you need to meet in order to pass?

I got to do all the test in less than 10 minutes. I have to be as quick as possible but I can’t run between the stations. So I have to lift some moderate weights while being explosive all the 10 minutes that it lasts.
I don’t really know how i should train. I think that i’m strong enough, but i think i got to be more explosive and have more endurance while lifting big.

I thought 2 times a week of crossfit WOD would help me because it is very intense, but i don’t want to hurt myself. This test is too important for me.

Thanks for your help

Not Thibaudeau’s style of training, and I hope the mod’s don’t mind throwing this in here. Matt wenning is releasing a training manual soon that is designed for tactical populations. He works with standard military, special forces, and firefighters to increase their strength and help them perform better on the job. I think it’s definitely worth checking out. I pre-ordered the manual myself since I am not too far off from entering the police academy.

If it’s what you want to do get in contact with him about it.

There is no 'Thibaudeau style of training"…my “style” is solving problems… heck I train bodybuilder and crossfit athletes… not exactly the same type of training!

I have trained some athletes who compete in firefit. One of my client is actually a 65 years sold firefighter who still compete and could beat many guys 1/3 his age!

NOW my firefit competitors are also Crossfit athletes. So the training we use is similar to crossfit training but with less high skill movements like muscle ups and the full Olympic lifts and more emphasis on loaded carries.

Every workout starts with a strength lift with the purpose of getting as strong as possible… the stronger you are, the easier the carries will be.

We have 2 deadlift workouts per week, 1 squat workout and 2 upper body sessions (normally 1 push and 1 pull).

Then we have carries for strength. Going short distances but very heavy using various types of carries (Zercher, overhead, farmer’s walk, prowler pushing, sled pull, 1 hand farmer’s walk). We only have 1 type of carry per session and do 6-10 sets of 20-30m with as heavy as possible. I often add rope climbs at the end of the carries too.

Then we have a metcon session consisting of a fatigue circuit which combines carries for distance and speed, bodyweight metcon drills (burpees, box jumps, stair sprints) and weighted metcon drills (thrusters, KB swings, sledgehammer striking etc.) as well as metcon specific drills like the assault bike and rower.

I design circuits that last about 3-5 minutes to complete and we perform it 3-5 times.

Allright! Thanks for helping me!
It is very appriciated

Yes where did you fail the test? Because as I mentioned it earlier, training should be about fixing weaknesses.

Plus, where are you situated? This video is in French , are you in Quebec because I have trained some peoples from the academy there.

Oui je suis de Montréal. J’ai échoué un test semblable à celui du video pour entrer à la ville de Laval. Je devais faire le circuit de 11 étapes en 11 minutes. Je les fait en près de 12 min. Ã? partir de 8 ième station (8ième minutes environs), j’ai ‘‘cassé’’. Je n’étais plus aussi explosif, mes épaules et mes jambes étaient beaucoup trop fatigué.
Bref, je dois être capable de garder un meilleur rythme plus longtemps. C’est pourquoi je pensais aussi que les méthodes de crossfit pouvaient m’aider. J’ai écrit sur ce forum parce que savais que vous entraîniez des compétiteurs de firefit.

[quote]Christian Thibaudeau wrote:
There is no 'Thibaudeau style of training"…my “style” is solving problems… heck I train bodybuilder and crossfit athletes… not exactly the same type of training!


Sorry CT! That was a poorly worded response on my part. I meant the conjugate method style of training he uses doesn’t seem to jive with the methods you’ve posted over the years. But that was a poor assumption for me to make since I don’t actually know if you like it or not or use that style with some athletes.