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Fire Fighter Combat Challenge

I’m working out since last summer for this challenge, but we are a pretty new team. I did 1:55 at my fist competition, and I went down by a few seconds after. Anyone has trainning tricks, supplementation recommendation or competition day routine for me?

There’s never much you can do on the day, you should have had a few months of preparation leading up to it. The only thing I can think of is stay focused, ie don’t choke.

You should contact Coach Davies about this at renegadetraining.com … he and I have talked about this competition and training for it. He’s be excited to talk to you.

here’s a little trick that may shave a couple of seconds off of your time (hopefully). I used to use this technique for running 400’s, and it seemed to make a large difference…maybe only psychological. Just before your race begins - instants before - take 3 or 4 very deep breaths to supersaturate your system with O2. Since your event will largely be dictated by anaerobic capacity, the extra O2 (if this actually works), will allow you to push harder through the race. Like I said, it may be only psychological, but anything that makes even a small amount of difference is key in a race that is decided sometimes by 100ths of seconds.

What is Fire Fighter Combat Challenge ?

Marc, I am a firefifghter and have been doing the challenge for 4 years now. Your best bet for your workouts would be to focus on some of the olympic lifts and modified olympic lifts such as power cleans, power snatches, squats, deadlifts and some core body type exercises like good mornings and romanian deadlifts. Reverse hypers and glute/ham raises are excellent as well. Throw in some interval training (helps build lactic acid tolerance) and some light aerobics for recovery and you have a half decent training program. You must remember to train like an athglete and not like a bodybuilder. As for suppliments, I focus on thoase that assist me in training harder and recovering quicker like L-Glutamine. Hope this helps.

Avoid Fats <6hrs before the event, proteins <4hrs, Complex carbs <2hrs, solids half hr. At this stage use simpler carbs such as fruits and sports drinks (non carbonated)to ensure the blood is in the muscles, not in the digestive system. Search the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

rleathe, can you tell me what is reverse hypers and glute/ham raises?? and romanian deadlift are they very different from normal dead lift? Finally how long were you doing your intervals for the lactic acid tolerance? between 30 and 45 sec? And when you are trainning for you seem to do more general exercise (ex squat) than specific (ex running the stairs with weights), do you do the same for everything like the shoulder/back/bicep when we pull the doughnut at the top of the tower? thanks for the help

Any body know something or have a good adress about periodization?