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Fire Extinguisher... What to Do?


So I was ending my workout today and I was doing some finishers. I went to ab bench to perform some weighted crunches and the ab bench was positioned too closely to the fire extinguisher. The weight I was holding clipped the extinguisher as I was returning upward and the extinguisher went off and went everywhere. I was kind of embarrassed even though the extinguisher was poorly placed. I hung around for a bit to try to help; but I did not want to be the center of attention in the gym while fire alarms were going on. Any advice on what to do going forward?


how about this, its a crazy idea but.... how about NOT hitting the fire extinguisher next time? radical theory, I know


if they have cameras or you were seen leaving, offer to pay for it and apologize.

otherwise move on with your life like it never happened. You pay gym memberships to ensure they are safe and will pass code and etc...


Next time take your kerosene with you to the gym. Then if it happens again you can set fire to the place and pretend you fired off the extinguisher on purpose. Everyone will think you're a hero...if they don't burn to death, die of compressive asphyxiation in a stampede for the exit or die from smoke inhalation.


But he's just a kid....what you're suggesting here is more something up Kerosene Man's alley.


Do it like this. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Unfortunately I did not make this Beaker meme. :frowning:


His profile says he's 24. I say when you're over 21 you're ready for arson. I set fire to my first gym when I was only 19.


Sooooo, I'm the only one calling BS here?


So you're suggesting that he didn't remove the pin and hold the lever down all by accident with a plate and that a fire extinguisher doesn't set off fire alarms?


Yea that would help. I am looking for advice that is more geared toward problem solving and your advice doesn't meet that criteria for my current situation.


When I was in college the fire extinguishers in the dorms all had a sensor so that the alarm would go off if they were removed. Doesn't explain the pin though.


I wish I had seen the extinguisher. I had done crunches before there without the weight and when I added the weight it just was not enough clearance (I had a 10 lbs plate behind my head). The extinguisher fell and then just started going off it filled up half the gym (the white film) and then the fire alarms started going off shortly there after. The extinguisher probably dropped 2 or 3 feet from where it was positioned on the wall. I am just glad it didn't fall on me, explode when it fell, spray in my eyes etc.


I don't usually laugh at someone's misfortune, but this story is pure comedy.




Haha. It was pretty funny to me too actually. It looked like someone threw a tear gas grenade. I swiftly moved to exit after I tried to offer to help, and as I was exiting a few women yelled to me and said "it's ok we didn't want to workout anyway. thank you." Hey, maybe something good can come out of this misfortune :wink:. Needless to say, I took a day off from that gym today.


"Oh shut the fuck up, you weren't working out anyway" would have been the proper response.


I lol'd.

I still don't understand how the extinguisher went off?...


If the little plastic tab that holds the safety clip was removed, AND the pull pin was removed, and the extinguisher landed on it's handle....THEN, I could see a short spray come from it. How it blasted all over the gym....no idea. OP, did you mean to type "I finished my crunches and then blasted everyone in the gym who wasn't working out with a fire extinguisher, and then pulled the fire alarm just for lulz"??

But in all seriousness, OP, I'd just go back to the gym! So what if people look at you like you're the guy who made a mess everywhere. You are! Don't sweat it, shit happens.


This didn't happen.


I think the take-home message is obvious - NOTHING can extinguish the Kerosene Kid!