Fire Danger

Anyone else in So Cal under duress from the Fire? If I remember right Greekdawg and BradTGIF might have a fire heading towards them. Hopefully the Santa Anna’s stay down for a while.


Be at ease, I’m in the clear so far. Most everything is burning south and east of me. A few of my students have had to be evacuated, and my supervisor may have lost his home. Not sure at this point.

Thank God for T-mag and me being able to get my mind off of this crap for awhile. Fucks up my workout today too, my chest is too tight with ash and soot to be very productive.

This whole thing was presumably started by a hunter that was trying to smoke signal his partner. Fucking Motorola makes cheap and effective radios that work well in the mountains! Why are people still using Native American tactics in these modern times? If it was his fault, I hope he’s aware of every last bit of destruction he’s caused. Renegade have you driven around to see any of the damage? It’s like a nuclear winter out here. Lives lost, millions of dollars in property damage, and the damage continues.


My sister is right by the fires. She’s ok though.

Nope Brad, I couldn’t leave the my apt, I had to stay in case we got evacuated. The 3 communities right next to me to the east were all evacuated, and Monday night the hills 3 miles away were on fire. Later that night, the firemen seemed to get it under control… Later to learn that it just changed direction and started heading towards my Mom’s house.

It’s pretty crazy. Great that Nevada and Arizona are sending so much help though.

Yes Brad, these fires highlight the stupidity of people very well.

I’m about 20 miles away so am totally fine, but really feel for those who lost a lifetime of memories in their homes.

My thoughts are with you, hope the fires wash up soon

I talked to this girl today, and she said ten of her friends homes have been bunred to the ground.

The skies are fucking gray. The sun is orange. It looks like the world is coming to an end by looking in the sky.

One morning, I came outside, and my car was covered in white ash. And I live In L.A., about an hour from Diego.

It gives off a really weird feeling when the sun is a different color and the sky is not blue as well.

Other than that, I’m ok. I’m fornunate…I’m no where near the fires.


I’m back to work today. The fires are no longer threatening the city but the quaint little apple orchard town of Julian is at risk today.

From what I gather, Big Bear is at risk of burning today too.

I drove around a bit more yesterday to see the damage and what you see on CNN cannot describe or define the level of destruction. I’ve taken some photos of the countryside and once developed (yeah I’m still old school) I’ll post some on here if anyone is interested. I stayed away from the residential areas because it just felt wrong to be in the way and ogling at what used to be people’s lives.


Cuyamaca is completely destroyed. Something like 90% of the houses burned to the ground.

Interesting stat. On Average, the fire spread 100 acres per minute in the first 36 hours. has some pictures that people have taken with their digital cameras. Just click on one of the two slideshows.

My thoughts are with you guys. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have to deal with something as tragic as that. And I can’t believe (if it is indeed true) that a hunter started the fire!!! I wonder what is going to happen to him?

In any case, I hope everyone is well.

Even the San Diego Miami game had to be moved because of it. It’s such a shame. My sympathy to anyone who loses property because of the fires.