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Fire Damage, Need Help

Any of you construction bros have experience in fire damage? I got a bedroom where a tenant caught her bed on fire. Whole room is coverd in black soot. I really dont wanna waste insurance on this. Drywall trim all good. Figured i could just take carpet out. Then viniger whole room then killz it once or twice with oil killz. Then paint and carpet. Any products that cover or clean this shit better?

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What do you mean by waste insurance?

submit a $2k claim, for a $3k increase in premiums is my guess.

Cause if they don’t stay ahead, they go out of business as an insurance company, simple. Investments aside, they use customers to guarantee they’ll be allllright, even in the event of a market crash.

Air out the house

Wash walls and cieling with vinegar, dish soap or glycol.

Removing carpet and pad is a good call

Wash the floor and let dry before new pad/carpet.

Have the HVAC vents all cleaned. They hold the smoke smelll.

Ozone generators claim they remove smells. I know of a guy using one in a “crazy cat lady” house but no personal experience.

Kilz (or similar primer) on the walls that’s meant to lock in odor.

I would probably just re drywall the room depending on how bad the smell is.

Was your tenant smoking in bed?

Thanks​:grin::ok_hand: Yup thats what happened…chick passed out drunk probably & caught her shit on fire.
Yes drywall is all intact & trim. Its just covered in soot. I will do the viniger scrub. Its natural & wont destroy my drywall. Good idea on vent cleaner Ill see if I can find one.
As far as not using insurance its simple… High detectable…cheaper to do repairs with my dudes& not have rates go up on all other properties…so not worth claim…just another shit sandwich I eat as a landlord…yum😒

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Depending on the layout of your vents and duct work you can get away with a shop vac and a mop. Just run the whole length of the ducts and get them as clean as you can. New filter too obviously.

Not directly related to the thread, but when my wife and I were house hunting last summer, we immediately crossed off one house the moment we walked in the door due to an overpowering smell of cigarettes.

(We probably wouldn’t have bought it anyway, the layout was a little funky and the location we eventually bought is a nicer lot / better for kids to run around and play, but it was still an “Oh my god, who can stand this smell?” experience)

Our agent didn’t even try to sugarcoat it and convince us that we’d be able to get the smell out, her take was pretty much that we’d have to entirely gut the house if we wanted that odor gone.


Our office was for sale with significant fire damage in past. Smelled awful even with AC running so price was less. We ripped absolutely everything out including the charcoal beams in walls, attic, and floor, and the odor disappeared. Major construction though.

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Ozium is really good at removing smoke odors. I would dump a couple of bottles of that in the room. Usually can find it at Home Depot or Autozone. Wear a mask and close the door and don’t go back in for a few hours. You can turn on your a/c fan if you’re concerned the smoke is in your ventilation.

For getting it out of the walls, Odoban (available at Home Depot) works wonders on smoke and pet smell. I think the eucalyptus mint scented one is the best. I spray my units down with it and then use a broom to brush it into the walls.

Thanks guys​:grin::grin::grin:
Its a gross job…luckily I just write the check. But the demo was disgusting…unfortunately I had to do that as a dumpster was not cost efficient

Assume she is losing her deposit? I know I’ve been screwed out of mine multiple times in the past for WAAAY less.

In this case i wouldnt say she got screwed but yes

Sorry, didn’t mean it that way - she definitely needs to pay up for damaging your property. I was just saying I have been screwed in the past, not that she was.

Case in point: got married in Guam, and when we were moving out of my off-base apartment to base housing, my wife scrubbed the place from top to bottom - looked better than when we moved in. The apartment complex shut the power off two days early, and then waited a couple extra days before they inspected. ‘It smells musty in here, did you even clean?’ Uhhh, yeah, we’re on a tropical island and the place has been sealed up for 3-4 days with no power (and thus, no ventilation or cooling). Of course it smells musty.

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Just for reference heres how the products stack up just incase yall ever have to do this…
Tennants wall was purple fyi…(not authorized by me btw)
Simple green on left
Zep in middle
Odaban on right

Looks like simple green did best job
But zep a close 2nd so its really price at this point 20180126_131336

Next step is oil base killz 1-2 coats then home ready for paint

Then rent to a less retarded person…hopefully

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Did you get an eviction that quick? Or did you do cash for keys?

I did more a classic get the fuck out procedure…im old school

So you and the tenant have a signed lease saying she has a right to occupy that property.

You served her no paperwork that the lease was terminated and you’re keeping her deposit?

That could bite you. Bad. But I’m a risk averse guy.

Should have went with cheap ass dollar store Mean Green $5 a gallon, an acid brush from the hardware store and a sponge mop.

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Nice never thought of dollar store…yea i got 10 gal of simple green so my hombres will have a blast tomorrow

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I only fear God and taxs