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I just started training again after some years. In the past I’ve done all the work for months on end and never been able to get my weight over 140 lbs. I’m 5’ 11" tall. I’m currently using Whey and it’s helping me some but I’m keen to see results quickly. Should I be considering Tribex, ZMA and M?

I’m a little afraid of the other stuff. Should I be?


Josesph: I’ll chime in much like MANY others probably will. (By the way…welcome to “The Forum”!). What should you be considering?

FOOOD, food and MORE food!

Do a search from the main page under “Massive Eating” and digest AS MUCH of that information as you can. Until then…other than a good multi ,AP and perhaps “Surge”, don’t even worry about any supplements until you know that you’re putting down the groceries. (Then the guys on this site can help you with your workout).

But…DIET…“Massive Eating”…is first on the agenda…

Joe, I understand your reluctancy to try something like Mag-10. But I finally said the hell with it, and began using it. I like and except for the first time you take it, it doesn’t effect you. The first time I though I was going to puke my brains out. I agree with Mufasa go look up the Massive Eating thing. You can find it on the Biotest site probably with the Mag-10 product description. I us MS Excel to figure out how much I need to eat and actually keep my log on it. It makes it very easy once you set it up. Next, get Charles Poliquin’s Modern Trends in Strength Training. Good luck dude.

Just to make things a little clearer for you, you have your priorities in the wrong place. You’re thinking “workout and supps” when you should be thinking, “FOOD, workout and then (maybe a couple of years down the line) … supps”. Neither MAG-10 nor anything else is going to put weight on you unless you’re taking in enough calories. And since you’re a newbie, taking in enough calories while working out should see you making great progress. How do you know when you’re getting “enough” calories? Easy. The results will start to show. If they don’t, you need to take that as a sign (no, make that incontrovertible proof) that you need to eat more.

Good luck.