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Finishing Up My First Cycle!

Evening gents. I am 5’11", 210 and 32 yrs old. I have just finished my first cycle of Test, well first cycle of anything for that matter, which i ran for 12 weeks. I got 1 bottle of Test E and one of Test C both 300mg/ml bc thats all they had and couldnt get another bottle of either. I did plenty of research and saw that they were basically the same. I also read that the usual is 500mg/week on a Test cycle.

I decided to just go ahead and do the 1cc(300mg/wk) and see how it worked for me. It worked great and I am very pleased witht the results. I actually, when I started the Test c which was about Week 9, bumped it up to 1.5 (425mg) per week. I have what i need for proper PCT Clomid and nolva, which i will be starting 2 weeks after the last shot which was Thursday.

My question is, I still have Test C left, No side effects what so ever (No pain in nipples or around breasts, no testes pain nor significant shrinkage at all, no acne, no hair loss, etc…would it be ok in your guys’ expert opinion, even though this is my first cycle, to stertch it out to 14 weeks…which i have seen recommened many times for a test only cycle. Also, would it be ok to use a cortisol blocker along with my PCT, which would be Lean xtreme which I already have on hand. Here is the link for Lean xtreme if u never heard about it. www.bodybuilding.com/store/design/lean.html
I appreciate your guys’ time and opinions.

If you feel like you’re still making great gains, you can do 14 weeks. That will have you fully suppressed for 16 weeks since it will take 2 weeks for exo test level to drop low enough for your own production to slowly resume. It will make recovery that much more challenging and is far longer than is recommended for those concerned with maintaining their own HPTA function at optimal level. In other words, cycles with up to 8 weeks of full suppression are easier to recover from and also don’t seem to negatively impact your own HPTA function, whereas longer ones do.

HCG would have been a good addition for a cycle of this length.

Did you use an AI (adex, letro, aromasin)?

What is your planned PCT strategy?

Can’t comment on cortisol blocker but feel most supps are bogus.