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Finishing Cycle - What Now?


So.....ive arrived at the conclusion of my first cycle.

its been interesting. i would say i made some gains, though nothing that blew me away. i havent been training as hard / intense as i normally do, and ive been gaining - could be ive just stopped overtraining. anyway...

so im at about week 10.. ive taken up to 1200mg of test/week. the last two weeks or so ive been at about 375-500mg of test with 3-500 boldenone (eq) and 50mg/day stanozolol (win).

ive been tapering off the test test and bold..and im staring at a bottle of 100 tabs of 10mg tamoxifen, and 30 tabs of 50mg clomifen - what do i do now?

ive of course done plenty of reading on it all, but im looking for direct feedback for this phase of my first cycle.

thanks in advance, and a big thanks to all those along the way that have been supportive.



honestly bro, the best thing I've ever discovered for PCT is Alpha Male. I really never felt like I was suppressed with Alpha Male stacked with clomid. Never had any problems with my sex drive, depression, getting weaker, nothing. It's also a personal theory of mine that the Alpha Male clomid stack can help with some of the mood swings from the clomid.

Make sure you keep you calorie intake about 300-400 higher than what you've been doing for at least a couple of weeks to maintain any new mass. But since your a bodybuilder I'am sure you know your nutrition very very well. hope this helps. -sasq


Last time we heard from you you were greatly disappointed in your results. Did you ever discover if your gear was correct? Please describe your results.

As you may remember I too recently finished my first cycle (not nearly as high a dose as yours). My results were added close to 20lbs, got harder in the midsection, tremendous strength increases across the board, my best body parts saw no increases but my lagging ones responded pretty well with large size increases in traps, bicepts, quads and lower back.

Now after 2 weeks off I've found I've lost almost 10 lbs but I've got much better seperation (this leads me to believe I was holding some water inspite of the .5 adex eod). My sex drive is as strong as ever and my strength is actually still increasing slightly. My PCT has been only adex and nolva.