Finishing Cycle w/ Equipoise and Tren Enanthate?

Hi this is a question a friend asked me to post here. And when I say a friend, literally a gym buddy who is not the member of the forum and is interested in your opinions.

So far he has done an 8 week cycle on deca, primo, winstrol, and sustanon 250. now he is left 2 more weeks of his cycle and has stopped deca and has incorporated equipoise and tren enanthate in to his cycle. he is finishing his cycle in 2 weeks time and then will be doing a PCT on clomid/nolvadex and also will include HGH.

he wants to know if its alright to go from deca straight to equipoise. Please advise.

once again if you are not happy with anything in the question, i am asking this on behalf of my friend so please don’t have a go at me.

2 weeks of either of those esters is a waste. Not only a waste, but counterproductive in the case of equipoise.

I am gonna echo BONE here. He should just finish out his current cycle and save the other 2 compounds for another cycle.

A test, EQ, Tren cycle is nice all by itself. Or test and either of those compounds for that matter.

I personally wouldn’t take EQ for less than 12 weeks.

Good Luck.


I wouldnt run eq for anything less than 14wks, and primo for anything less than 15-20wks. Deca should’ve been run for a good 12wks also imo. alot of people have different opinions here.

He should either extend that cycle another couple wks then hit pct or go straight to pct. either way.

Your freind needs to read. Please tell him that we think he has alot to learn yet and after this pct he should take some time off to do so.

Best wishes to him

thanks everyone! I emailed this link to him so he can read it for himself!

@bonez its a pleasure to hear your advice once again.