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Finishing Cycle. Deca or Test E

Hey All,

I have been running a pretty crazy cycle and I’m going to finish with either Deca or Test E. I started with Cyp for 5 weeks, came across Sust and tried that for 4 weeks (timing due to increasing from 250mg/week to 500mg/week). I have my last pin this week and have opportunity to get Deca 300mg or Test E 400mg. Waiting on the test E to come in so I may have to go with the Deca so I don’t miss my pin schedule. Recommendations and any insight is appreciated.

huh your going to drop all test and do just Deca? dont buy test e 400 it will hurt and everyone regrets it. Why dint you plan this all out and buy everything before instead of just taking what comes along?

If you choose to run something other than Test (i.e. Deca), you still need a foundation of Test.

I planned to use cyp the whole time but was talked into sust from someone I thought knew their shit. I was going to still only do the test E at 500/week. Still rough stuff?

When you say “it hurts” you mean sore injection site?

After reading this again, I understand your desire to cycle. I really do. But this was like an easter egg hunt of gear and you got to use what you came across as time passed. Next time, please use more planning. I dont see any PCT mentioned

I have a pct planned, just not there yet.

OK. Deca can cause raging gyno (at east it did for me). You should have Nolva on hand and maybe something stronger like Letrozole.

I had access to more cyp but was talked into sust. I finished it even though I didn’t like the effects and am now finishing last of my cyp and hoping I can get more of that. I’m running a longer cycle than I originally planned too. Oh well!

I’ve never run sustanon, so I cant respond to that. In the future, just stick with Test E. You’ll be happier

I really want to hold out for the Eth but not sure it’ll be in on time. From what I read Deca is almost identical to test so I guess I’m not sure why I would need the test base. Must not be similar enough and would take a while to build in system? Would prefer to finish out with cyp but not sure I can get.

You ever hit test e 400? Had another guy say to avoid it. I’m only going to hit 500/week on that too.

No, no, no. Where’d you get that? Too many sources to list, but you need to research that

Yeah, that high concentration is a bitch for PIP. I know you think your saving money by buying high concentrations but it cripple you and make you feel like shit. Stick with no more than 300 mg/ml

What do you mean by this? I dont even see how you could feel something different between cyp and sustanon…
What this “talked into” thing you mention?

I was told my body would adapt and later found it to be to small of a difference to matter. I had a high heart rate on sust that I didn’t experience on cyp. @Merkava4

This whole thread has become irrelevant… lol. I found my last bottle of cyp. :slight_smile:

You don’t understand why a male body needs testosterone? I…have questions.

I simply misunderstood that Deca wasn’t a test.