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Finishing Cutting Cycle, Have Questions.

Hello and allow me to introduce myself. I am about 5’7 and have been training for 5 years. I have done one previous cycle and had good gains, but it seems I have been in a perpetual bulk.

I was reading articles and posts about former fat boys and how that is a facade for people lazy enough to put in the hard work to look good nekkid. To quote one poster “Eating and lifting is the fun part, cutting is work”.

I have decided to lose weight, get a decent physique and then clean bulk from there. I am a FFB so I have a knack for storing fat, especially (almost exclusively) on the abdominal region.

I have worked my way up to 200lbs at 5’7 and have been known as the big guy. When I take my shirt off, people say I am chubby at best, but I want to have abs for the first time in my life.

I began a 6 week cycle 4.5 weeks ago of 500mg Test Prop per week (EOD) and 200mg NPP per week (EOD) - mainly for joint pain I was trying to rehab.

Calories have been quite restrictive and I started to do cardio both early morning and after workouts. Clen was used the first week up to 100mcg (nasty shit) then next two weeks was ECA then Clen starting last Tuesday.

I have accomplished a lot and have gotten noticeable vascularity in my arms (for the first time ever) and look a lot better.

My problem is: I don’t have any more test to extend past the 6 weeks (I guess I was optimistic with my goals). Should I extend the AAS cycle another two weeks by somehow coming across another vial, or continue my cut during PCT? What is the protocol or general consensus with using ECA or Clen during PCT?

Also, I don’t know how to come off of an AAS cut. What do I do in terms of nutrition during PCT? Should I increase my kcal per day as I don’t have the anti-catabolic effect of hormones? After PCT, would the general add 500kcal per day until fat gains starts hold true (as know hopefully I can bulk within reason and lessen the food if I notice myself getting heavier)?

Thank you so much in advance and I look forward to your input!

I am using Nolva for PCT is that changes anything.

So I guess my main questions are:

  1. After my last injection and I begin PCT (allowing levels to drop before starting PCT obviously), should I continue to use either Clen or ECA, or should I stop during PCT? I was thinking since my last two weeks of Clen coincide with the end of my cycle, I was going to run ECA through PCT.

  2. How should my calories be adjusted coming off of a cutting cycle? Should I gradually increase as I normally would, lets say around 500kcal (I was super kcal restricted while on cycle because I didn’t worry about muscle loss… 1400-1600kcal a day)?

Thanks in advance, and if I don’t get any replies this time, I promise I will stop posting :slight_smile:

i would suggest bumping your carbs as low as u can possibly stand (<50) and bump your HEALTHY fat way up along with protein. a daily break down might look something like this. 50 complex carbs taken all before 12 PM , Protein at least 250 but shoot for 300 mostly from lean red meat like flank steak, take 3-4 tbs or real pnut butter(ground pnuts only), flax/fish oil. Or u could try something like the tdog diet. the idea is to switch your metabolism from burning carbs to burning fat for energy. If u try it mess around with the fat intake to figure out what works for u and if u get it right u can loose a good amount of fat while sparing your muscle due to the high protein and fat. and please get at least 2000cals a day, if u feel u arnt loosing fast enough bump your cardio, not your cals. Im afraid u may have robbed your self while u were on goin as low cal as u did.

On another not how bad was your joint pain and how did it react with the npp. curious cause im thinking of using npp for the same reason.