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Finishing 30-10-30... What Next?

I’m starting Week 4 of 30 10 30. Results are good so far; I’m up about 6 pounds, but I didn’t buy the Plazma/Mag-10 bundle (expensive). Any suggestions on what I should do after Week 5? Can I do the program again? If I do, should I start with 6 exercises again in Week 1 or add additional exercises?

Darden covered this in another thread, take a week off, and repeat the program with increased resistance.

Dr. Darden…what would you think of incorporating the nautilus machine circuit 1975 referenced on PG 217 of the new bodybuilding for old school results…for about 4 to 6 weeks after completing the extreme hit 30-10-30 program…and then after that, go back to the 30-10-30 challenge…just to change thing up a little

The, dan

That should work.

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Respectfully! … What about the 10x10 Gironda method, after 30x10x30? I think there are enough similarities regarding the principles of the two techniques!