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Finishing 1st Cycle, planning second. Need more size

I’ve got a couple of weeks left on my 750mg/wk Sust 400mg/wk Primo cycle. Gonna do 500IU hcg ED last two weeks, then 2 months clomid. So far I’ve gained about 10-14lbs. No noticable sides, no bloat (adex throughout), no acne. Have noticed a small amount of testicular atrophy. I have to admit I am a little disappointed with my size gains. Strength gains have been pretty good, but not incredible. I realize what you guys meant when you said Test alone, or with Primo, is not a true mass building stack. Time to start planning for next time. I’m thinking about trying a 6-8 weeker with:
750mg Test/Sust
50-75mg Tren ED
OT or DBol for 4-6 weeks
Adex throughout
500 IU hcg last two weeks
Clomid therapy two months post
Nolvadex on-hand the entire time

I really want to take this next cycle to the next level without going too crazy with it. Before my first cycle I really thought I would never do Tren because of its rep for being so suppresive, but the sides on my last cycle were so mild and everyone loves tren so much I think it might be just what I need. What do you guys think?

BTW stats: 6’0", 198lbs, 10% bf

that next cycle looks real nice. i am about to do the same one with slightly higher dosages. it will be fun. the tren is what you needed in this one. IMO. just move the hcg to a weekend protocol throughout. no need to stick it at the end.

wouldn’t you want to start the hcg the same time as clomyd? sust still present in system no?

baro… no the hcg will continue to suppress the hpta and prevent endo test recovery when used post. well it doesnt really suppress it but gives it artificial stimulation which is good to prevent testicular atrophy while on but when off you want the hpta naturally stimulated.


Yeah, this being my first cycle I wanted to stay really simple so I didn’t plan on hcg, but I didn’t realize how easy it was to get. Next cycle I think i’ll do as you suggest…weekends throughout.

Change of plans. I had planned to switch out the D-Bol with Bolasterone, so current cycle looks like:

750mgs/wk Test wks 1-8
75mg/day Tren wks 1-8
10mg/day Bolasterone wks 1-4

At the last minute 50 50mg D-Bol tabs fell into my lap, you guys see anyway to work those in? What about adding some EQ in at 600mgs/wk?

I was also planning on a 800mgs/wk Primo 50mg/day winny cycle following this one to cut up for summer. Would it be better to work the D-Bol in here?


your next cycle looks good. i would leave it as it is. the dbol and eq could be another cycle, just add a little test. i dont see the need to add it to your next one. the primo and winny should be a good one too. i have done tren/ winny the last couple of spring cutting cycles but am seriously considering going the primo/tren or winny route. good luck.