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Finishin EDT, Thoughts on What's Next

Hi all. I am finishing up 10 weeks of EDT and am going to be doing someething different, bit taken from dino training, ideas from 5x5, etc… . Current stats-5’8.6, 245 lbs, 23% or so bodyfat. The goal is fat loss, lbm maintenance and strength increase. The rundown of the program is this:


bench press-4x5 (ramped)
weighted dips-2x6
flat flyes-2x8
lying triceps extensions-4x5 (ramped)
2 handed triceps extensions-1x6/1x8


squats-4x5 (ramped)
leg press-1x8/1x12
stiff legged deadlift-2x6-8
barbell curl-4x5 (ramped)
reverse curl-2x6-8


bent over rows-4x5 (ramped)
weighted chins-1x6/1x10
high cable rows-2x6-8
military press-4x5 (ramped)
one arm dumbell press-2x6
side laterals-2x6-8


-6 meals daily
-330 g. protien; 110 g. fat (good fats); 60-80 g. carbs only on workout days-intra high glycemic drink and post complex carbs-(on cardio. or off days as little carbs as possible)
-training days around 2550 cal. (roughly); cardio. only days 2300 cal. and off days 2000-2100 cal.


30-40 minutes of light jogging 4 days a week (been reading Mcallum, plus I have had success with running in the past; and I enjoy it)

Also gonna be running 500 mg. of sust. for 10 weeks with 50 mg of anavar ed for 6 weeks

Does this look fairly okay or am I doing some really off things?

Thanks so much for your time and input.

For a big guy like you Id expect a slightly higher calorie intake but you might have a slower metabolism so idk. Many people on this site do complexes with great success in place of cardio. Have you considered this?
If not check out the articles on this site. Ive done cardio in a fasted state before but never complexes so someone else might need to chime in and let us all know how fasted complexes work for them.

Stop taking steroids you cheating bastard and learn how to train/eat properly!!!

lol, just kidding

Looks like a solid plan/routine to me - full of good old basic multi-joint lifts which are good for metabolism/strength maintenance, plenty cardio (just make sure you take care of joints etc esp with running that often). Maybe think about running say twice a week, and for the rest do some low impact forms of cardio like rowing?

As regards the diet, it’s a bit at the low end but if that’s what it takes for your metabolism then fair enough. I’d definitely bump protein up closer to 400g though.

Repost this in the steroid forum. 3 days a week??

Generally you should only start to THINK about juicing when you know your body VERY well and know exactly what type of training it responds best to. You come across as deluded.