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I started adding some “finisher” exercises at the end of my workouts. My reasoning is two-fold:

  1. Increase muscular endurance

  2. Increase nutritient uptake (CT wrote about this somewhere)

Here are the two exercises that I am having fun with:

Indoboard pushup with a 40lb x-vest on. Place your hands on the board in a pushup position. This is a brutal exercise and kills the stabilizers. I did 25 reps today and was done!

Indoboard Squat with 40lb x-vest. Not as hard as the indoboard pushups, but stil hard. Again, talk about stabilzers getting rocked. Knocked off 30 reps. here. My goal is to work up to 50 reps on both exercises.

Other great finisher exercises are dumbbell swings, snatches, and clean and jerks.

Mike Mahler

Finishers are fun! I often finish workouts with one of the following…

DB farmers walk.
DB farmers walk 20 yards the drop weight and walking lunge back.
DB single arm alternating snatches for high non stop reps.
Punch bag pyramids - 1 punch, 2 punches, 3 punches etc up 20 combinations of 12, then back down.
Swiss ball (HOF) pressups, rolling back to decrease resistance making one long drop set.
50 meter sprints.

What I’d really like to do is some tyre flipping but my gym just doesn’t have the space or the interest in anything that hardcore and I’d also like to do some sledgehammer stuff or sled work but again no dice. Car pushing is a posibility I’m exploring.

I strongly suggest that everyone tries adding a finisher to their regular routine just for fun. (and training should be fun, right?)


Great stuff and I agree “finshers” are fun. I look at it as the freestyle portion of my training in which I let loose and do some creative exercises.

Mike Mahler