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Yep. Today. Soooooo good. I'm slightly intoxicated. Slightly.


Sorry I didn't get a chance to make this thread for you earlier.


You need to get more intoxicated.


Wanna have drunk sex?


I'm up for that.




1 bottle of champagne. 18 millers. only 6 pm.


We need evidence.


I can't one up ya ... but I just got back from spending my lunch hour at the driving range on this magnificent day on Cape Cod


Bastard! I just spent my lunch filling out my marriage license. I swear they were playing taps when I was leaving.



lol ... I'll be honest with you V, when (if) I find the right girl I wouldn't mind filling out my marriage license on my lunch break ... but I'd imagine they'd be playing Rolling Stones "Under My Thumb" while I was leaving (by request)


Do you live on the Cape or just visiting. I work right in Falmouth.


No shit ... I work in Hyannis

I live in Fairhaven


I want to be intoxicated.


Good luck getting over the bridges. The Bourne is backed up about 2-3miles already. I guess the Sagamore isnt bad yet though.


I plan on spending my quarterly 800 buckarooskis at the liquor store in an hour or so. then I'm gonna drink it all gone !!!


oh yeah...I will be having sex with She Say 20 times over the weekend and all day Sunday with her and her girlfriend as Sen Jr, Sen the Third and Sen the Fourth will be away from home Sunday morning until Monday afternoon!

She Say and her big-boobed blonde girl friend ftw !


haha, nice. I left my apt open for my friends to go over and start grilling out before a concert tonight.

all I'm sayin is I better have a steak and a cold beer waiting for me when I get home from work!

2.5 hrs till the weekend-o-intoxication begins! 4 cookouts, lots of pool time, concerts/festivals...so stoked.


I got started last night. Drank too much and was a little hung over this morning.


Beento Hyannis.Loved it. And various towns upthe coast. Bootiful


I'm sober for 3 whole weeks now.