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Finished with Kaiser

I have been bounced around for 3 years trying to get TRT and I really believe that Kaiser has made a business decision to deny TRT.

The very first endocrinologist I was referred to at Kaiser, on my first phone call, proceeded to go off for 10 minutes about advertising by Pharmaceutical companies for Low T products, and this was before we even discussed my symptoms. Needless to say, I asked to see another doctor.

My labâ??s (Three years ago) Testosterone Ultrasensitive LC MS/MS was 266 ng/dl with a â??normal range of 240-1100 ng/dl. A month later, the results were 234 ng/dl which was below even Kaiserâ??s low â??Normal of 240 ng/dl and even then, the endocrinologist told me it was â??Normalâ??.

Then I was told by another Endocrinologist that I had hypothyroidism and she proceeded to prescribe me levothyroxine which resulted in a higher level of Testosterone, however, my Testosterone Ultrasensitive LC MS/MS tests still showed less 300 ng/dl.

Now today, I went to get another opinion from another Kaiser Endocrinologist, and was told that my hypothyroidism really wasnâ??t hypothyroidism since my lab results showed normal levels. She said that it was a â??shot in the dark to see if it helpedâ?? but based on my current labâ??s she could not prescribe TRT since my Total and free Testosterone levels were in the â??Normal Rangeâ??

Last Test Results:

TESTOSTERONE, FREE, CALCULATED 66.7 TESTOSTERONE, FREE, CALCULATED (Kaiser range 53 â?? 142) NIH stated that 65 is considered low and treatment would be beneficial.

Anyone know a â??reasonableâ?? doctor in Sacramento California as I am done trying to work (get worked) with Kaiser?


Testosterone cypionate (for injection) is cheap, so you could pay for a basic TRT regimen out of pocket.

Testosterone cypionate would be great; itâ??s just a matter of finding a local doctor that will prescribe it. I have been looking at local low T clinic and similar, but they seem to really screw you over on the blood work and most want you to go in weekly for a 40 â?? 60 dollar injections. I have all my records from Kaiser, with recent blood work results, so you would think that part could be skipped, but I am sure thatâ??s were many doctors/clinics make their money.

I wanted to find out if anyone has used the “lowtestosterone.com” to find a clinic for their 199/month TRT ? Is it a scam or is it just expensive ?

Those clinics are a scam in the sense that they will greatly overcharge for medications, besides other shady practices (like finagling testing to put patients on drugs they don’t need and overdosing).

Injectable testosterone is less than $20 per month out of pocket if you fill a script at your local pharmacy.

If a clinic requires you to get the medication from them, that is a huge red flag. Run like hell.