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Finished with Great Results. Question...

I have finished my Test/Tren cycle with great gains. I used a-dex throughout the cycle and it worked like magic. I am gearing up to start using a liquid clomid I have handy. Most doseages i can find are only for 50mg/50ml.

My bottle is 25mg/60ml. I know it just involves pulling out a calculator to solve the doseage…But I am very paranoid, and I trust the members on this site very well.

Could anyone give me an idea on doseage for the liquid Clomid?

Dose 60mL overall for the bext feeling. However, do not use steroids if you are in grade school.

120 ml = 50 mg. Reason being is as follows: 25 x2 = 50. 60 ml x2 =120. 120 divided by 2 = 60. 50 divided by 2=25. If 60 ml is equal to 25 mg, 60 + 60 is equal to 25 mg + 25 mg, or 50 mg. Therefore 50 mg = 120 ml. If you want to frontload 100 mg you have to repeat the equation. It will take some time, but will be required to find the right dosage.

I havent used steroids though, so I may be missing something. You might need a more experienced user and poster/contributor to check my answer.

I’m sure you mean 25mg/ml and 60ml overall?

25*60 = 1500 and then you divide to get overall dosage for the mL. Check out the protocol for further info.

[quote]PAINTRAINDave wrote:
I’m sure you mean 25mg/ml and 60ml overall?[/quote]

I agree.
60ml for 25mg of clomid seems like an awful lot. And 120ml seems like a glass of water for 50mg of clomid.
It must be 25mg/ml, therefore you would dose it as 2ml (50mg).

thanks for the input. I am not exactly a noob to gear, but I was merly writing verbatim from the bottle how it was listed as 25mg/60ml. Yes I am a dumbfuck when it comes to math, and I have never used clomid before. I have been using Adex to come off, and I have seen minor sexual moodswings. One day I am shit, the next day i have the strength of 10 tigers…