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Finished Week 1 ,20rp Squats!

I’m sore, and ravenously hungry every fucking moment. I keep eating. I can’t stop. I LUST for burgers and carne asada and other really really big meat based meals.

And the cute fitness girl at the gym mentioned that my arms got bigger.

And I’m wider, actually might need to go up a shirt size.

Good enough for now.

I look a lot better naked… but thats not what i’m going for.

I wear 2 baggy shirts and baggy sweat pants to the gym. When I fill those in then I’ll be happy!

Also, did the chiropractor thing and my back has been great. I still have weak squatting strength but in my next strength based cycle that will be my major goal. I have a great deadlift, and good morning, so I have to examine where my weak area is. I figure its either the glutes (from the bottom position) or lower back (but then my GM would be unexplained).

Probably like Louis always says the posterior chain… cause i can front squat whatever i fucking please. Every time I max on front squats its like a 10-15lb improvement. And these are deadstop front squats.

Lower to the bottom, rest on rack, no momentum, stand up


For the next few weeks I have time to think about that- figure I’ll use a conjugate schedule again to bring up my goals, etc and if need be I’ll 20rep again after a good 8wks on the Darkside. Plus 20rep is definitely helping my squat form. Though I can’t wait to start box squatting again. My current gym doesn’t have anything like that… but guess who went to home depot today



I’ve found if I’m lifting at a commercial gym and I’m doing box squats, if theres no actual boxes designed for this purpose then I just use a dumbbell flat bench. They usually have differing heights of benches so you can somewhat pinpoint where you want to be able to go down to (i.e. parallel, 3" below parallel, etc).

On what Xen Nova wrote:

Actually, I used one of those orange paint buckets from home depot AS my first box (About 14 1/2 inches)

A few years back, around summer of 98 I think, my training partner and I did a 20 rep Squat program. Saturday was the 20 rep day and man, afterwards, we would eat EVERYTHING that wasnt moving. I was already about 230 at the time and I went up to 245 with a 1/4" gain around my waist…my partner was 160 and went up to 185 with about the same fat gain.

i stack stepping platforms together for my box squats.

Another interesting way to train the squats for reps is trying to do as many as you can in one minute. I sometimes do this at the end of my regular squat workout. Obviously the higher the intenisty the less the reps but i prefer to use around 60% so i can get atleast 15 reps. my record is 225X18. These are definitely good if you are looking to get in shape and want to improve power production endurance. depending on the given sport you can adjust your time level to suit training needs. CT had wrote an article on this topic. laters pk

Here’s something I’ve noticed: I began doing 20-rep squats and then switched to 20-rep deadlifts. I’ve been doing these for a while. I always set the bar down stand up between reps, except maybe the first few.
A while back, my gains slowed down so I switched to 4 sets of 5, which was twenty anyway, and was still able to add 5 pounds per workout for a while. Now, I wonder how long the 4 sets of 5 took compared to one set of 20.
I think there’s a strong relation between 20-rep breathing sets and EDT.

i was just readin your post on the 20 rep squat thread by xen nova about you not having boxes at your gym. I workout at bally’s and they obviously don’t have any either, so what I do is stack up a bunch of 45lb plates and use those as a “box”.

Hey guys,

I can remember my old man doing 315lbs for 20 reps on the squat, I thought he was crazy, but it was still a magnificent effort! And doing over 350lbs for 20 reps on the trap bar squat, and all this was done in his back yard gym with a small air cooler and where he lives its very hot in the summer 35 degrees plus…

I have respect for all those guys that do 20 rep squats!

But i think i’ll stick to low reps high sets for a while…And when i get bigger balls will go back to the high reps!!!