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Finished Test E/EQ Cycle. PCT Qquestion


Cycle was 16 week test e eq cycle about 600test 500eq ran some orals here and there also-dbol quick, provirion throughout for libido since eq supresses it a bit, and some winny near the end to lean up from some of the bulk of the test-

So I have nolva, and clomid on me right now no access to hcg right now but I might buy some now to get to run after pct. Questions 1. would running hcg AFTER pct be of help? 2. Is nolva 40 2 week 20 2 weeks fine for this cycle? I should start PCT 3 weeks after my last injection correct because eq takes longer or should how long should I wait?-first time eq user- Can I use proviron still after cycle also to help libidio come back with the hcg?


So you decided to run a cycle without knowing how to run pct. Best idea, ever.


I know I can run the nolva after 3 weeks and that nolva by itself is fine since I've used it before. My question is mostly geared toward after cycle with hcg and provirion use also and if nolva at that dose is still considered the norm. You can either be helpful or not enter the thread. I was just double checking before I do anything my cycle ends next week and Its been 4 months since I bought everything I needed so just double checking. I could always cruise on test a little longer i have several hundred ml around of test e. The reason is I don't normally do 16 week cycles but with equipose its recommended longer cycle and I have seen some of my best gains off equipose in terms of solid muscle. So mostly worried about being shut down a little longer even with nolva in pct and I want to jump start everything as quick as I can.


You should have run HCG during cycle, running it now would be counterproductive as it suppresses the HPTA. Nolva 40/40/20/20 is fine, I would start it ASAP. Cruising for a few more weeks on test is just going to make your recovery that much more difficult and really serves no purpose unless you are planning a permanent blast/cruise.


Sorry for the semi hijack but what were your gains like on this cycle?

Im doing something fairly similar only its 500/400 test/eq, no orals


I know I am talking about running it after pct to help jump start libido even after pct. I've hard of people using hcg while not on cycle. I know would have been nice to have during cycle I normally don't do long cycles so don't get shut down much but this time I have noticed nuts smaller then normal which is rare for me on cycle-not ridiculous though-. Why would I start nolva asap if test/eq is still in system shouldn't I wait the 3 weeks for it all to clear the eq and test then start the nolva.


That's what I meant ^^, start the nolva as soon as you can (3 weeks after last EQ shot), don't cruise on test.


really solid, eq is amazing the gains are not rapid but continued to gain throughout cycle and keep bodyfat down and joints felt amazing. Great endurance in the gym also+ appetite increased. Some people seem to think it might not be great because your not putting on a ton of 'weight' quick like with say deca but I noticed some significant gains in lean mass from it while keeping bloat/fat way down. Strength was up a lot also which was interesting but heard eq can help make your test your using stronger or something to that effect. muscles were very hard especially after warm up which probably helped with strength. I want to use it again but with test prop -maybe tren also- and some more winny to really lean up. I used the winny a bit on this cycle and with the eq had no joint problems and got ridiculously hard+ vascular quick when on both of those even though was bulking.


Thank you very much