Finished Stronglifts, Created This Routine

First of all, thank you for taking the time to look this over. I’ll put an asterisks beside any parts that have extra information and put those at the end of the workout.

Stats after Stronglifts:

Squat: 285x5x5
Deadlift: 295x5
OHP: 95
Bench: 135 (shoulder injury)
Row: 155

Sex: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 164
Body Fat: 14-15%

Monday and Friday: Legs *

Low Bar Squat: Warm Up + 3x8-10, increase by 5% 1RM
Front Squat: 3x6-8, increase by 5lbs
Romanian Deadlift: 6-8, increase by 5lbs
Calf Raises: 8-15, increase by 10lbs
Pull Ups: 5x5, increase by 2.5lbs **

Tuesday: Push and Cardio

Bench Press: Warm Up + 5x5, increase by 5lbs each session ***
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 3x8-12, increase by 5lbs
Lateral Dumbbell Raise: 4x8-12, increase by 5lbs
Supinated One Arm Cable Tricep Pull Down: 3x8-12, increase by 5lbs
Sprint Intervals: 5 1:1 minutes, 9mph-3mph, eventually work up to 10 2:1 minutes, 10mph-3mph

Wednesday: Pull and Abs

Deadlift: Warm Up + 3x3, increase by 10lbs
Pull Ups: 3x8-12, increase by 2.5lbs
V-Bar Lat Pull Downs: 3x8-12, increase by 5lbs
Hammer Curls: 3x8-12, increase by 5lbs
Face Pulls: 3x15x15lbs, squeeze shoulder blades for 5 seconds
Decline Sit Ups: 3x8-12, increase by 5lbs
Dip Station Knee Raises, 3x8-12, increase by 5lbs
Pallof Press: 3x8-12, increase by 5lbs

Thursday: Rest

Saturday: Arms, Abs, and Cardio

Bench Press: Warm Up + 5x5, increase by 5lbs each session
Hammer Curl + Supinated Tricep: 3x8-12, increase by 5lbs (same reps as done during the week)
Wednesday Ab Routine
One Arm Cable Curl + Overhead Rope Tricep Extension: 3x8-12, increase by 5lbs
Sprint Intervals

  • I train legs twice a week because I was a chest bro my first year of training and my legs need to be brought up in size, I increase by one rep every two sessions.
    ** Another byproduct of being a chest bro is that my back needs work, added frequency
    *** I’m basically doing stronglifts for bench, just to get it back up after the shoulder injury.

So that is my routine, thanks again for taking a look at it, I really appreciate it!

looks ok, I’d do the deadlift on one of the leg days, personally.

I’d also do a little more shoulder stuff on your Saturday. Rear delt flyes and laterals.

Looks reasonable. One thought might be to consider having one of those leg days be “quad dominant” and the other “hamstring dominant,” just adding in one or two exercises for each. For example, adding narrow stance leg presses on Monday and straight-leg deadlift on Friday.

Agree with above poster that you could do conventional deadlift on Friday if you want to do conventional deadlift (unless you’re a powerlifter, I don’t think there’s any reason to be overly dogmatic about having conventional deads in your routine).

Just my .02 though.