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Finished My First Test-HGH Cycle. How to PCT and Cut?

Hi folks , i have started my cycle 12 weeks ago i used

Test E @ 500 mg EW
HGH @ 4ui ed for 5days 2 days off

i have gained alot of size and strength , i went up from 185 to 223 .

Now i have no Idea on how to pct and cut , but this is the plan so far starting week 15

Nolva 40/40/20/20
clomid 50/50/25/25

i will keep running hgh @ 4ui 5days 2 days off for another month or 2 to keep my gains and help with my cutting and i dont no if adding T3 is necessary

Does my plan sound right , please let me know

Thank you

LOL, so you started a cycle without knowing how to come off? Classic.

For that entertaining post and for the fact you have at least mentioned some SERMS I will guide you…

Choose one SERM, either Nolva or Clomid, prefferably Nolva.

Nolva @ 20mg ED for 8 weeks should be good. Using a higher dose or using Clomid aswell can have negative effects.

Did you use an AI + HCG on cycle?

People with well planned cycles, good diet, good training and good genetics keep their gains better than those you dont…

Using HCG during a cycle and a good PCT will hopefully mean your nat test will bounce back quicker resulting in no weak as fuck depressing dip.

I think you already know the answer to this…

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Hahaha yup thats why I asked!

I have not run hcg , from what i read I thought for a mild cycle like mine i did not need the hcg , i had an ai on hand but i kept it for incase any side effects appeared

I will run the pct like u mentioned thank you so much

HCG should be ran on every cycle @ 250iu 3x Per week.

Adex dosing for estrogen control ranges from 0.25-1mg Eod.

Use them both in the future.


As far as HPTA function goes 500mg of test is far from a mild cycle. Hell 100mg will shut you down. Even anavar will shut you down. hCG is always a good idea and makes your recovery more likely to be successful because it prevents testicular inactivity and atrophy.

An AI should always be taken because there are side effects of high E2 that you can’t even see, and it’s easier to manage low E2 than deal with a high E2 situation once it’s already developed. An AI doesn’t make estrogen magically go away, it reduces further production of it via aromatization of test, so if you find yourself experiencing high E2 side effects and start taking an AI ASAP you still might be shit out of luck for several more days before your already high E2 starts to dissipate. This is why you should always run an AI from the start. Just last week someone was on here complaining that they were running a cycle without an AI, developed gyno and was upset that 1mg of adex didn’t make it magically go away.

Consider that bullet dodged in your case but I wouldn’t risk it again in the future.

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i really appreciate your advice guys and i will run hcg and the ai on my next cycle for sure !

andyjones i had a question on mind and i forgot to ask u that question , how soon can i start my second cycle , from what i have read it should be as long as ur steroid cycle so if my cycle was 12 weeks plus pct of 8 weeks then i should rest for 20 weeks b4 i can start using again ?