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Finished My First Cycle: 250mg Test E + Anavar + Winstrol


im 37 married with kids, been lifitng natty for over 10 years, i belive ive reached my genetic limit. my test levels were always between 390 and 450. but managed to gain good amount of muscle throughout the years.
before cycle, my weight was 88 kg (gained fat during my natty bulking)
my cycle was as follows:
week 1-8: test e 250 per week (pinned twice per week)
week 1-4: anavar 60 mg (30 mg am and 30 mg pm)
week 9-12: no test since was still clearing i did the last month 300 mg winstrol injection (100 x 3 times a week)

HCG: i injected 5000 iu of HCG once per month to prevent testicular atrophy.
arimadex: 1 mg per week (why? because if i didnt take it, my nipples will hurt, im prone to gyno)
250 test e put me around 900-1200 test.
now i will start my pct as follow:
nolva 40/40/30/20/10

im quite disappointed to be honest, i thought i would be huge, i didnt gain alot of muscles, mostly water and fat. my current weight is 106 kg = i gained 18 kg (around 40 pounds). to be honest i looked fat much better natty. maby the test wasnt enough to make a huge diffrence since i was in normal range. anyways ill post photos of before and after (be nice guys)

all these 3 pictures are natty

ill post my post cycle pictures once i get home from work

Um. What were you expecting? 40lbs is a ton. Btw you look great natty.

im hoping to god its water retention. but i know at least 15 pound pure fat.

well folks, never start your first cycle and assume you all calories got to muscle due to the magical power of nutrient partitioning.

i wont start my second cycle till i lose 20 pounds, and i wont bother with anything less than 500 mg test for 12 weeks

lighting wasn’t favorable as well.

Well… you definitely packed on the pounds. I agree, it doesn’t look favorable. You looked better before.

You will see a lot of posts regarding ‘what drugs to cut on’ and ‘best gaining cycle’ but when it comes down to it your diet and training will dictate the results. Yes you can consume more calories in general on a cycle but only to a degree.


Next time gain slower. That extra muscle you gained because you were in a huge surplus will likely diminish a bit when you cut. If you would have been only in a slight surplus, you might not have gained as much muscle, but also virtually no fat. You wouldn’t lose muscle in a cut, and you would look good for the entire period. Just what I am trying to do.

It is frustrating only gaining 5-10 ish lbs on a cycle (when others claim 25, but it is likely a lot of fat), but looking good the whole time, and not losing a bunch on a cut make it a better option at least for me.

Oof. You went way too hard with the calories, obviously. Also the beard isn’t doing you any favors.

Get yourself through pct and then immediately start cutting. But don’t go crazy. Add a lot of cardio as well.

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thanks guy. ill do a cut for the next 4 month, slight def, maby ill do 2200.

yaah my wife hates the beard. and not too happy with the fat.

in my mind i was thinking, what if it was 500mg test, would i have gained less fat and more muscle. its killing me.

You might have had slightly better results. You would have still gotten fat though if you ate the same. Gaining water and fat are separate from muscle. It is pretty hard even on cycle to gain a lb of muscle a week. That can be done with less than a 500 calorie a day surplus.

Your start to your cycle was only slightly higher than some TRT doses. I agree that 500mg would give you more bang for your buck. Based on the dose, you likely gained a reasonable amount of muscle for the dose, hard to tell with the additional weight gain so don’t completely knock your results, looks like they are hidden. I have similar stats, I’m 38, natty my whole life before getting on TRT some time ago. My first cycle was with 500mg TestC for 10 wks, with 50mg oxandrolone last 6 wks. I went from 81kg to 89 kg, a good amount was muscle. After coming off I only lost 1.5 or so kg. I am on TRT (150mg wk) so that does make a difference.

i appreciate the encouragement bro.
when i wear a t-shirt, the type that complement fat guys, i look decent.

Am I missing something?!?!?!
BRO!!! You looked way better before!
You blood T levels should be around 4000-5000 if you want to move the needle!
You should be doing at least 500mg Test per week for 10 weeks! Then drop to 250mg weeks 11-12.
Saturate in test for 4 weeks before starting anavar!
50MG anavar on weeks 6-12. BTW, Anavar and Wini are estrogen blocker!
You can do 25mg var on off training days.
HCG should be done twice per week divided at 200mg per week at weeks 2-4 then 300mg per week on weeks 5-10 and 400 mg on weeks 11-12. Then PCT along with Nolva. HCG on weeks 13 - 300mg then weeks 14 - 200mg then week 15-16 - 100mg of hcg.
Also bro… CARDIO!!!
If water retention, get water pills to dry out! But if you eat clean… Water should not be an issue!
Best of LUCK!

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you bought some fake gear. Its pretty clear you’ve largely just got fat and had some issues with gyno.

No way that stack with training sees that change! Even if your diet wasn’t on point.

Unless I’m looking at the photos the wrong way around?

Good chance the AI was junk and you’ve aromatased the shit out of everything you’ve been taking- thats if the T was even dosed properly.

Did you do bloods before and mid cycle?

Wtf did you eat?