Finished my 4 week MAG10 cycle

I posted a while ago about my results after 2 1/2 week of using mag-10. Well, the full cycle is now over and the overall gain was 19 lbs.
The most gain came within the first two weeks but the most strength within the last two.

During my last workout I was doing 130lb dumbbells for seated shoulder presses - something I’ve never done before (even while on gear). In addition I can handle 315lbs on a sitting barbell press - another PR. I was never big on deadlifts but now I can do 405lbs without breaking a sweat. I realize it’s not much at all, but the only reason I don’t have a clear idea how much heavier I can really go is just because I didn’t try. It feels that there’s lots of “room” in my strength capacity.

The whole thing just feels like I can gobble up the weights and do more, more, more and more.

I am now on tribex and a bit of clomid and so far I’ve retained my gains. Of course it’s only been a couple of days and I do expect to lose 5-7 lbs.

Overall, I’d say that 4 weeks is definitely better than 2 weeks in terms of “quality” gains. I didn’t experience any problems associated with shutdown of endogenous testosterone, my sex drive was not affected and overall I didn’t experience anything much at all besides the excellent mass/strength gains.

The only problem I have with Mag-10 is its absolutely hideous taste! The thing tastes like gasoline mixed with some really bad port.
It’s unpalatable - I think acetone tastes better than that!


Great results! You must have gotten an older bottle of MAG-10, the newer ones taste much better. I always order from Biotest so I’m sure to get the new flavor. Some online places still stock the old strong flavor. You can mix it in water though to dilute it. Works fine. I think Bill Roberts said once he puts his in a protein shake. The new tastes good though so there’s no need for that. Oh, and MAG-10 is a real steroid, it’s just legal. See “Pro-Steroid Roundtable” article at T-mag.

Congrats on your progress! What do you mean that the quality of gains is better with 4 weeks instead of 2?

By quality of gains I mean size along with dramatic increase in strength. My first two weeks were really about size/weight gain. The last two really made a difference in terms of strength. I wasn’t growing as fast but I was ripping those weights apart. To me, strength is more important than size - that’s why I feel the real “quality” gains came in the last two weeks.


ive done a couple of 2 week mag10 cycles and also didn’t really notice any strength gains until the end of the 2nd week. my last chest workout on one of the cycles i was working out with 15 pounds more than i had the previous workout. it was a huge jump. i think if strength is anyones main goal than longer cycles are the way to go. TinyWulf, please keep us posted on whether or not you keep the strength gains as well as the mass gains after a few weeks. also, what kind of workouts were you doing and what was your diet like? once again , congrats on the gains.