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Finished HP Mass, Now What?


I just finished up HP Mass (hypertrophy) and am very pleased with the results. Just wanted to get some feedback on what program would be recommended next. I enjoy higher volume and frequency. 5-6x/week. I like the layer system, but the high pulls KILL my shoulder. Thinking of HP Mass (Strength) or a bout with the 3 month "boring but big" program by Wendler. Thoughts??

Im 170 lbs, 8-9% bf, 5'8", visible abs. I'd like to get stronger (of course) but don't really have plans to get much above 180. Bench 290/Squat 360/Deadlift 440


I always love the stats people post on this forum.

If you are really 170 at 5'8" and 8% bodyfat then we should be asking you for help, and people should be having you do a coaching thread for them.

Just sayin'.

In b4 "but the calipers said...!"


Please post the required pic of you holding a shoe.


I'm at work right now but I'll get a pic up for you this afternoon. I have no reason to lie about my stats. I'll even hold a damn shoe.


I don't think he was necessarily implying you were lying, but 8% bodyfat is very low and most around here miscalculate or just don't really know their BF %.


This is a little over 6% bf.


Here's your shoe pic u wanted.


I know calipers have some variance. I would've guessed 10-11% myself. That's beside the point. I was just trying to get feedback on some other programs.


I'm going off of what an ex "pro" at my gym told me. He did the bf check on me. Lets just leave it at this. I'm not a fatass. How's that? I'm looking to get stronger and stay "somewhat" lean. Better?


HP Mass is a very fun program if you're into high frequency and looking to get stronger. It also helped me add alot of size to my lats and upperback because I was hitting lats/bis 2x a week on top of upper back work in between pressing work 2x/week.

It's certainly a program you won't get bored with either. As far as staying lean, I think its the best option as well if you stick to the eccentricless training stuff like sled drags. Those always functioned as HIIT for me.


Back/Bi's twice a week? I see one day per week for back. Were you adding a specialization workout at the end of the week? By the way, what do you think? 10-12%?


I had a lot of success with 3 on/1 off

upper press + upper back accessory
lower press + sled work

Tough to say about bodyfat %. You've posted a pic with very favorable shadowed lighting. You are very lean, and that's what is important as you said. There would be no reason to get any leaner than you currently are, unless you wanted to compete in a show.


Thanks for the advice! Don't see any shows in the future, but still want to see constant improvement. Just a quick side note I'd thought I'd share. A little over a year ago, I sat alone, drunk off my ass, weighing 220. I was the worst of the worst alcoholic for the last 10 years, drinking upwards of 3 5ths of vodka per day. I would have to drink half a bottle in the morning just to stop shaking and be able to feel what I thought was normal. Been sober over a year now, and ironically, it's been pretty easy. Love the new life, and I guess my new addiction is weight training. So no, I"m not the strongest, leanest, fastest, or best, but the changes I've made in the past year are pretty remarkable.

I have a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to training, but I always feel like I can learn from others and see what they can bring to the table.

As far as your training template, maybe we are talking about different programs. The "HP Mass" I'm talking about is the one in the Indigo training section. It's split up into five days (Bench, Squat, Back, OH Press, Deadlift) with HFS sessions on every day excluding lats/bi day.

You seem to know quite a bit, maybe you can give me a diet critique? I'll give it in case you have any thoughts/insight.

4am- Finibar/1 scoop low carb MD (Meadows seems to recommend this)
4:30-5:30- Workout
6am- 2 scoops surge recovery
7am- 2 scoops MAG-10
9am- 2 scoops low carb MD/ 1 apple
1:30pm- 2 scoops low carb MD/ nuts
5:30pm- 10 oz. lean protein/huge salad with a bunch of green veggies/maybe some rice or sweet potato
8:30pm- 1 cup cottage cheese/1/2 avocado


Damn that's a lot of supplements!

What are the daily macros there?


I calculate it to be roughly 2500 cals. 220g protein/70g fat/250g carbs. I try to do moderate fat and carbs daily with majority of carbs around workout. High protein. Pretty standard, basic stuff. Would like to eat more whole food but shakes are so convenient at work and I know exactly what I'm getting for nutrition.


Sounds like you've completely turned your life around in the last year. Impressive stuff.

These both work very well...