Finished Growing My Glutes, Now My Back


So I’ve done a training to grow my flutes and it Was successful now

I want to focus on two thing my back and the upper part of my f glute
The part that connect the lower back with the glute

I want to do a general back training but I need to focus on my lower back a bit more because when I do deadlift or squat or every exercice that stimulate my lower back, it congestionaye more than every other muscle and I think that’s because I have a long torso and a long core.

In conclusion I want to train my back focus on my lower back and the upper part of my butt.

Find a solution for my excessive congestion

I’m thinking about doing 3 time upper body 2 time bottom or 3 time bottom still focusing on my butt and lower back (if you have exercice that focus on the upper part of the butt especially) and 2 times upper body

Thanks for your answer

I have so many questions, but just do reverse hypers.


Put a dumbbell between your legs if you want.

Or just use a reverse hyper machine if you’re lucky enough to have access to one.


Madcow 5x5

Thanks for your answer but

What’s a mad cow

Im sorry i don’t know about it

Thanks you


you have google in france.oui???

google “madcow 5x5”


I’ve looked at it.

It seems really fun thanks you

Thanks you