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Finished First Test E Cycle HELP with PCT,

Hi all,

I’ve just finished my first cycle of Test E only. I
ran 500mg/week for 10 weeks (twice weekly injections 250mg)

I finished up two weeks before the end of the year

My PCT plan is;
40mg tamoxifen/nolvadex daily for 2 weeks
20mg for 2 weeks

I’m almost two weeks into PCT.

I’m finding I have almost no libido, mood is generally quite low and finding muscle definition is being lost / more water retention around the abs.

From research it’s looking like my E2 is likely too high… would you agree?

Would I benefit from introducing an AI such as arimidex At this stage or am I better to continue as normal with my PCT and and ride this out, allow my E2 levels to restore and balance out naturally?

Any advice would be helpful!

Don’t use an ai, stick the course. It is normal to not feel great. I might go for 10 mg of nolva for an additional two weeks, but I blast and cruise, so pct is not my expertise.

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I always called the third week of PCT “turd week” cause I always felt like shit: no libido, no energy, general blah feeling. By week 4 I was getting back to normal.

My advice: stay the course.


One way to find out …