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Finished First Cycle. Gyno After PCT, Help?

I’m 20 years old and just recently finnished my first cycle. My cycle was 12 weeks of 500mg/week Test e with 0.5mg arimidex every other day. Started Pct 2 weeks aftr last injection, My pct was nolvadex dosed at 40/40/20/20 on my fourth week of PCT I noticed a painful lump under my right nipple and it grew for the next few days and then stopped growing, the lump is around 3cm. I’ve continued my PCT at 20mg/day and am now at the end of my 5th week. The lump hasn’t changed at all in size and is still really tender to touch. Just got my blood results back my estrogen level is 110 pmol/L. I have enough Nolvadex for another 2 weeks PCT. should I extend the PCT or use something stronger like letrozole to help with the Gyno?

What are your blood test values can you post?

Your Nolvadex could be fake

Nolva does not stop E2 from going sky high it is suppost to help with gyno. The boy needs a real AI like anastrozole to get his e2 down.

Jack post a tit picture you sure you got gyno and not just water weight from the high E2?
click on this picture for larger image.

[image|665x499] (upload://g0qF3wr1YugeSYkW2GVmD7BXf4e.jpeg)

These are my blood results I got back

How many days after last nolva?

I’m still taking 20mg/day Nolva because I decided to extend my pct when I noticed the gyno forming. I’m on week 6 and this will be my last week on Nolva

Your estrogen (110 pmol/l) is 27 pg/ml so are you sure you have gyno?

I’m no expert on taking PEDS but I see Gyno at the gym all the time with guys your age that ran gear. If you squeeze your nips does something come out? If so you definitely have Gyno and it won’t go away without surgery most likely.

But lump under your nip? and you only noticed it during PCT? yeah I dunno about that. best way to tell is actually posting your pic.


I thought water weight as well but he said he had a hard lump. can PCT give you Gyno? @dextermorgan

Here’s a recent picimage

Man this is why young guys should never run gear. You already have so much test in your system. I see this all the time.

I’d say you definitely have it. You’ll be lucky if it goes away but I don’t think the nods usually do.

I just want to know how on earth you end up getting this while using an AI, and then after the PCT. Someone knowledgeable please come in here and explain this

This is just my guess. Nolva only PCT does nothing to reduce E2 it just stops your nipples from reacting to the high E2. 40/40/20/20/20 is a normal dose but who knows if it is the right dose for everyone. Most don’t start their PCT for 2 weeks. I would think This 2 weeks would be the gyno trigger. Low T high E2 and nothing to control it.
When we stop a cycle the T leaves us way faster than than E2 So there is a time 2-3 weeks after injecting we have no T and a shitload of E2 and probably prolactin as well.

so would you say it would be smart to be using something like an Aromasin for the 2 weeks prior to PCT?

I have used arimidex between this period and I would say yes

I don’t PCT I’m on TRT but when blasting I don’t take an AI except for the last week of injections I start my AI. My blasts are .65ml M/W/F for 12 weeks and I take .125mg anastrozole M/W/F

When my blast is over I keep with the AI and take no T for 14 days. My TRT dose is 1/4 my blast lvl. This has worked for the last 3 years. Once I lvl out on my TRT I stop the AI and do bloods in 5-6 weeks after all of that and will take my Ai to keep my E2 in the mid 20’s. YMMV

From all the studies I’ve read in using tamoxifen for reducing gyno that is already present you need to run it for 3 months. From the studies it seems to work fairly well on gyno that is <1yr old. I’m on we’ll two of using it on mine so we’ll see if it works. Google and read the studies. 1 month of use isn’t enough to reverse gyno.

curious, is it working? do you notice it reducing? I’ve never heard of it helping if you have an actual lump and I have had friends that went through his ordeal, as well as seeing many, and I mean many young guys at the gym with this very same situation

this is what worries me the most about taking PEDS.

I’ve read a ton of people that had great results. Supposedly it’s more effective on lump style gyno vs fatty (probably because of the glands). There are several studies as well that had great results. It takes about 3 months (or more) of daily use to get results. Like everything else, tamoxifen will have different effects on different people but a lot of the data looks positive. If you think you are going to take it for a month and it cure you then you are mistaken. I would recommend losing a much body fat as you are able to lose and take liver supplements to flush out the estrogen.

If it doesn’t work and you decide to do surgery you can get out at 1/3 - 1/2 the price by doing local anesthesia. I had the surgery 15 yrs ago myself.

thanks for all the replies I’m thinking of getting hold of some letrozole do you think this would be a better option over taking tamoxifen?

yeah, I don’t have it I’m just making sure I have all my things aligned before hopping on my first cycle.