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Finished First Cycle. Cruise with Test/Dbol?

I just ran my first cycle of 300 Test E for twelve weeks and am happy with the results, however I have decided to blast and cruise and my mental health had been so much better during this cycle, I feel so much happier and want to keep going, I’m 36 years old.

Anyways I was wondering can you run Dbol on a cruise or should I have it for my next blast? Is there anything I can take to help with gains during my cruise? I’m cruising on 150 a week, sticking to two injections a week.

I would suggest you save the Dbol for your next blast. The whole point of the “Cruise” period in the “Blast & Crusie” method is to give your body a break so to speak from the High levels or androgen use. Im assuming you have gotten blood work done and 150mg puts you at above normal levels, if that is the case then hard heavy training along with proper diet should allow you to maintain the progress youve made.


If you are using Dbol on cruise, I would question if it is actually a cruise. Cruise can be more than just test (I am using MK-677 to increase my low IGF-1 and GH production), but IMO, Dbol with TRT is just an oral blast.

In fact once I finish recomp, I am going to either be doing Dbol of Drol for 6 weeks to regain any lost muscle, and gain a bit more than I had previously.

Something like 100-120mg Test/wk with 10mg/d of Dbol probably could be a cruise. If you’re like me, Dbol sits very well with you and gives good euphoria. Only bloods will be able tell if its ok long term though.


Hey what results did you get with your 300 mg a week cycle? When did it kick in? I’m on week 2 at 300 a week and I’m curious.

Thanks for feedback.

Liam - I was wearing small to medium shirt and a 33 waist when I started, I now fully fill a large t shirt, tight on the arms and I am still a 33 waist.

My stomach is flatter, much flatter but that only happened after a bit of bloating after around three or four weeks, I couldn’t really tell the difference till my clothes got to small around week 4, I’m still getting bigger.

Make sure you eat lots of protein and sleep enough, I found eating lots of healthy much better than dirty, when eating dirty my stomach would balloon and I’d feel like crap.

Also, if I remember rightly I started getting stronger around the time I got my first shin splints, walking to Tesco I could hardly walk, it seemed like a sign it was starting to work

Okay great thanks for feedback! Good work man that’s solid, yes I’m nothing the bloat. I’ve gained 6 pounds in 10 days and I know it’s not muscle. Okay so it does go away? Good. Again great job can’t wait to be there with you!

Hey post some
Before and after pics? Maybe just blur out the face for privacy

Also when did you start seeing the results and strength from the test?