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Finished First Cycle. After PCT, Sex Drive is Dead

Hey, i have done first cycle 9 weeks 500mgs of sustanon and i used nolva 40/40/20/20 pct and now after 1,5 months after pct my sex drive is zero, what can i do should i start second pct with clomid? I am about to get my blood tests soon thanks in advance

Did you use any HCG before PCT ? you could still be shutdown. At this point I’d wait it out now without adding any other drugs. With more time you should recover.

Post up the bloods when you get them.

No i did not use HCG

Get bloods first. TT, FT, SHBG, LH, FSH, E2… then probably need to try second round of PCT

How long between your last injection and your first dose of Nolva?

3 weeks

Yeah, going to have to agree with @blshaw here; get bloods immediately.

Okey, i have used adex my friend told me it can be estrogen rebound how long it will affect me if i stop using it i took it 1mg first day then eod 0.5mg for one week, when i should go to take blood test to get it aacurate?

Oh, well that explains it. You crashed your e2 because you listened to a dumb person. So stop doing that. And don’t take arimidex when you’re not on testosterone. It leads to nothing good.


Ok yes… so take blood tests and give time for recover?

You need to stop all meds for a couple weeks, then get bloods to see what your body is doing. As Iron said, there is no reason to take an AI when you are not on testosterone. In fact, it has very negative consequences. So let your body settle for 2-3 weeks, get bloods, then re-evaluate.

When did you take arimidex exactly? During pct?

Yes i will stop all the meds now and let it settle for 3 weeks get my blood test and post it here thanks

no, i used it last week but will not continue it anymore

Last week of cycle only? How was your sex drive during cycle? When did it disappeared?

No, couple of days ago i popped my latest adex, and it disappeared in pct and during cycle it was awesome

So you have used arimidex at the last week of your pct, 1 week, and couple of days later your sex drive died?

no i didint use it in when i was on pct, after 1,5months of pct i started taking adex because my dumb friend told me so, and my sex drive started to die while i was on pct

Well atleast your in agreement with that

When exactly did your sex drive die? When did you start pct after last pin of sustanon?