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Finished Cycle...Thank Uou

I finished a 6 week cycle of 450mg test enanthate and 30mg. d-bol daily for 4 weeks. I gained 15lbs. of lean mass. I would like to thank P22 and Mikekatz aswell as all others for their input! Im on my HCG and clomid. I only lost five pounds which was just water. I went from 5’10 185 to 200lbs. and 6% bf. I will post some pics as soon as I can. I probably would have gained more but I suffered an incredible lower back strain that halted my leg and olypmic lifting entirely for 4 weeks. Once again, THANK you all for the help.

Hey congrats mako good to hear stuff like this. Looking forward to the pics as one day I plan on doing a similar cycle (4 weeker test/nand phenyl and win or ana or d-bol) no doubt it will completely change but anyways props!

Thanks Twisted Local.
Depending on the ester, I’d just run the Test and D-bol. The only side effects were slightly increased blood pressure, disturbed sleep patterns, and a little liver discomfort. Not to mention ridiculus erections, but that was a good thing. For such a short cycle, you should’nt run anavar or winny because you wont be on for long enough for them to really kick in. I personally did not get much benefit from the meds until about the 3rd and 4th week. I think i should have ran the cycle for 2 more weeks. Good luck