Finished Cycle in January, Bloodwork Shows Low Free T and TSH

Hey all
32 year old male
6’1 feet talk

Finished a cycle of 600mg/week for 12 weeks last January.

I’ve recently had some blood work done. It’s not my first time getting work done but it’s the first time I’ve actually seen the results. My doctor has always told me everything looks fine and I’ve had no reason to argue because honestly I feel completely normal.

My problem is when I looked over my blood work the only hormones she checked were my free testosterone and my thyroid stimulating hormone. Both of which came in below average.

My question is are these numbers a cause for concern. Should I request a more detailed test. Have I waited long enough to consider myself as recovered as possible from my last cycle?

Thanks for all the help, here are my numbers.

Free Test - 295 pmol/L
Thyroid stimulating hormone - 1.18 mIU/L

It blows my mind that they bother to do tests but leave out like 64% of the pertinent information. Get a full male hormone panel done, it’ll give you enough data to actually assess what’s going on.

I will do that, thank you. I spoke with my family doctor this afternoon and she assures me that these numbers are sufficient. I’m not crazy though right, that would be considered low free test. Or would it only be low based on what the rest of my hormone panel says. Pure speculation at this point, I know.

Free testosterone is one number. It’s a good one, but it’s not a complete picture.

Whats your total testosterone? Knowing that is useful because it tells you how much your body is actually making. What’s your LH? Knowing that is useful because it tells you how hard your system is working to make whatever your TT is. What’s your SHBG? Knowing that is useful because it gives insight into how much free test you’d have and it can be an early warning sign for a number of problems.

Your doctor measured your chest and then told you that was enough information for you to order a bespoke suit. But she never measured your sleeves or your waist. She ignored the length of your pants. How well will that suit turn out?