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Finished BBB Challenge and Need Some Tips

just finished up the BBB challenge and got good results and put some size on, I’m feeling really good and want to know if i could do it again for another 3 months or should i try something else
i got the books so im just looking for some advice on what to do next for strength and size

thanks all

Triumvirate or one of these…

Pervertor perhaps

thanks guys

with the hardgainers program is it only a three week program or can you keep hitting it up for another few cycles with increased tm?

yep can do indefinitley/many cycles if want, I would say do 2 cycles then deload and evaluate

you asked the same in another tread.
Badger is right.
I would go as far to say that after the deload try one cycle of OG 531 with the PR sets and 3x5 FSL.
Then you can evaluate, I think that those PR sets is where I can feel if ive become stronger :slight_smile:
Remember to use the correct TM.