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Finished Andoropen 275

I have always trained but am a naturally smaller person never got over 155 untill i did my first cycle of Andoropen 275
10 week cycle-200 mg a week
gain of about 20 lbs and feeling good, I have 1 week left and then i will start
12 week stack of EQ and Dbol
again this is still my first cycle and just wondering and suggestions on dosage for the EQ/Dbol
any feedback help Thanks!

You were 155lbs and because you were too ignorant/stupid to know how to get bigger without juice you assume that 155lbs is your genetic potential. Nobody’s genetic potential is that low unless you have muscular dystrophy. You just did 10 weeks, and now you are immediately going on EQ and dbol?

Good luck. This is just a mechanism of natural selection, assuming you haven’t reproduced yet. Hopefully you won’t get a chance.

Learn shit, eat shit, lift shit. That will get better results than staying a fucktard and just injecting shit.