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Finished Anavar Cycle. How Much Nolvadex?

Hi All,

Hoping to get some advice please. Just did course of Anavr for a few months. Decided to come off, not sure how much or how to take the Tamoxifen ? My hormones dont seem to be on point.



Did you get bloods? How long have you been off. Oxandrolone will shut down you’re HTPA via negative feedback loop just as any anabolic steroid would, the phallacy that oxandrolone doesn’t shut one down comes from studies showing doses of 2.5-5mg/day don’t significantly supress endogenous androgen production, however performance enhancing doses will shut you down, this study https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/84/8/2705/2864236 shows T plummets after five days of 15mg/day of ox.

You’re hormones likely aren’t on point because you took anabolic steroids, but they’ll bounce back eventurally (probably), the real question is, why did you post this in the T replacement subsection of this forum, it has nothing to do with testosterone replacement.

@unreal24278 thanks for advice. noted re, section.