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Finished AGVT, Looking for Something New

I just finished up Poliquin’s Advanced German Volume Training and man was it awesome to do another routine other than pyramiding (which I have been sadly doing for years on end prior to this) Obviously the program worked for me since it was the first time I actually tried something new, but now that I am done with it I would love suggestions on any other program that people had really nice results with. I know my results will be different, but i’m just throwing this out there to get some feedback. THanks.

What were your results from it? I’m not questioning it, just most of the time people say they got good results from a program with no explaination of what the results were.

I guess the easiest results to talk about are strength gains for me on this program. My squat went up the most in terms of how many reps I could do. I used to squat 315 for only about 6 reps and at the end of this program I tested myself and busted out 365 for 10, with actually much less effort than I thought I would have to. It was pretty exciting for me, legs have always been a strong point. Bench went up to a max of 290 from 250, even though I used to have a max of 315 an injury erased that progress a while ago.

A strange thing I noticed on the program that was harder to put into words was this feeling of more denseness in my muscle bellies basically all over. If anyone knows what I’m talking about with that please let me know because it is fantastic. Another thing was that I actually didn’t beef up nutrition while on this plan ( I know i should have) and ended up losing about 5 pounds. Current weight is 220 at 6’1"