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Finished a 14 Week Cycle & Planning to Extend. Need Advice and Tips

I do powerlifting and just recently finished my first meet and got really hyped and inloved with the sport and thinking of joining another meet 14 weeks from now.

I just finished a 14week cycle of

Week 1 to 14 Test E 600mg pw
Week 1 to 4 Anadrol 50mg
Week 9 to 14 tren 75mg EOD
Anadrol 10days out 75mg ED

So aside from the 14weeks, Im thinking of extending another 16 weeks which would put me in 30 weeks of using gear. Shit.

The additional 16 weeks would look like this

Week 1 to 6 test E 125mg pw
Week 7 to 14 Test E 600mg pw
Week 8 to 14 Tren 100mg EOD
10 days out Anadrol 75mg EOD
Weeks 15 to 16 1Test E 125mg pw

Does the additional 16 weeks makes sense? Or Im risking my health too much? Should I just PCT and take my time off for now?

If I decise to go? Whats my best course of action for PCT here?

You should probably come off. 30 weeks is a long time and it’s not going to be easy to recover if you keep pushing it out like that. You ran a cycle for a reason, you did what you wanted to do, now set a new goal at a new time and plan accordingly. It’s a long game. Don’t get burned out too early.