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Finished 8-week Dbol Only Cycle. Help Keep Gains


I know I’m going to get roasted for saying this but I’ve done a 8 week cycle of 25mg dianabol a day, I worked out in the past but nothing serious,
I’m 5’8
Before: 128lbs :persevere:
After: 146lbs
Workout 6 days a week
Eat 3000-4000cals ed
150g protein

Anyway I finished my 8 week course around 10 days ago and I’m still weighing 146lbs so I haven’t lost anything my question Is will I? I am still putting as much effort in as I did when on, still eating what I did if not bit more.

And also I stopped without any pct I know it’s stupid but I did as I thought I knew it all and would be fine as I’m young but god damn now I realised I was really wrong I struggle to get a hard on ever anymore used to be really horny all time now not at all but I haven’t lost gains?

Will I be ok to jump on the test

The sad reality is that I doubt anyone can help you
You used AAS to go from 128 to 146lbs. If you can’t do that naturally you have little chance that you miraculously understand basic principles all of a sudden
BTW - most the weight was prob just water retention, followed by some glycogen, some fat and maybe a few pounds of muscle at most


I agree. Most the weight gain will be water.

OP should save the gear for when he’s kind of maxed out his gainz being natty. And then learn to use the gear correctly.


I know what I’ve done is wrong but to be honest I’ve done it now and can somebody answer my question I’ve done no pct and my sex drive is none excistent atm??


Dude, there’s tons of PCT post here, do some research for god sake

If I was you I would do blood work and see whats fucked up. then based on that get your drugs to fix your hormonal problems!



I have been looking can’t really find a answer so I decided to ask on here, and ive just booked an appointment with the doctor for next week to get bloods done, I know my test levels are low as I have no sex drive where as when I was on dbol and before I had a very high sex drive with been 20, it’s actually scared me abit and I won’t be making the same mistake again.


I’ve not long finished a 8 week dbol only cycle stupid cycle I know, I also didn’t do a pct and as my test is low right now will it be ok to just jump on the test e and then do a pct after?