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Finished 531 BBB. Next Mass Building Plan?

Finished 4 months of 531 BBB. Loved the results. Great strength and size gains. Looking to move into another mass building training cycle next. Possibly another 531 variation, stripped down hypertrophy by Joel Marion or even GVT or Advanced GVT. I now it’s not an exact science as different things will work for different people and the only thing that will truly answer my question is choosing a programme and going with it but if anyone has any experience of the mentioned programmes and could help me with my choice for next programme that would be great.

If you want another mass building training cycle and are open to another 5/3/1 variation, you owe it to yourself to do “Building the Monolith”.

If you’re looking at GVT and, by extension, open to 10x10 work, I’d highly recommend checking out Jon Andersen’s “Deep Water” program. Both are going to challenge you and make you grow in many ways.


Thanks. Will read up on both and go from there. I like the look of both especially the Deep Water programme

Hi. Read the deep water book today. Just wanted to be clear on one thing. The beginner programme does not mean a beginner in the gym does it. It’s a beginner to the programme. Then onto intermediate then advances then repeat.

A beginner to the gym can certainly try the beginner program. Jon was using the basics of it as a chubby teenager, as you read in the book. However, I would run the program beginner, then intermediate, then advanced. That’s how I handled it.

Yeah that’s what I’m getting at. I’m not w beginner in the gym but should start with the beginner phase of the programme?

I can’t tell you what you should do, as I am not a coach and have no hands on experience with you. All I can do is share what I did.

Yes your approach makes total sense. Look forward to starting the beginner programme soon and hopefully adding size. Thanks for all your help

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