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Finished 2nd Cycle/ Documentation

I’m two weeks past my last shot. Ive finished my website documenting the whole thing. I will probably update it twice more in the next ten weeks to show how much muscle I have kept and how PCT has gone. Hope you enjoy the info.

Please read the journal as well, as there is pertinent information related to the strength gains and steroid choices.



Really nice layout you got there!

Keep it up on your next cycles :slight_smile:

Great job documenting the whole thing. Good info…I wish more people would do something like this…it would help a lot of folks out I think.

What about side effects? You mentioned water retention in your entries, but am particularly concerned with visible/detectable side effects you experienced on your particular cycle.



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Really enjoyed your site. Please keep posting, at least let us know what you keep, and what your methodologies are for keeping the gains.

You’re right that you can’t tell you gained 25 pounds from just the photos. That said, it does look like you put on a little size, but not exactly what I would have thought from a couple of cycles.

Somebody asked about noticable side effects. I didnt talk about them much because they werent really that noticable. Definately bloat, moonface, a little acne on my back(not much), overheating easily, waking up in sweats, slept probably 90% as well as usual. Libido through the roof. No gyno or symptoms.

I felt all those things, but nothing even close to unmanagable. And I would say most of the sides came from the Dbol.