Finished 100-Hour Modified Fast. Experience Write-Up

My fellow iron heads

I’ve just done an extended 100 hour modified fast and would like to share my experience.
Prior to the fast I did 5 days Keto type diet - high fat, 100g-120g protein, trace carbs.
Last Keto meal was Sunday at
I then fasted until Tuesday, then I had a low cal <500 Keto meal.
Then fasted until Friday morning.

  • sups, as per recommendation of one E Hulse: sodium, potassium and magnisium salt mix. 2-4 liters per day.
    1 liter with 6g leucine and 10g creatinr sipped while fasted training.
    I trained EVERYDAY while keto and throughout fasting period.
    2 compound lifts per session, eg.
    Pull: weighted chins, power clean
    Push: Front squat and floor press
    1-2 hard sets per exercise
    4 day Keto training, as you would expect 4-6 reps, low volume, odd intensity technique.
    Fully fasted I’m just stimulating the CNS and used Med ball to get amped up. Usually sets of 5,4,3,2 done explosively (Snatch, press from
    Pins, eccentric less weighted chins etc)
  • For me, everything was on point in regards to training and nutrition
  • in regularity do 30-34 hour fasts so knew what to expect
    First fasting Period up to Tues was a breeze, from Tuesday to Friday - Thursday was a bitch come mid day but I powered through.
    Chance of loading, volume of rep speed lovely change of pace. REALLY enjoyed it
    Training to stimulate not anilalate on fasting days - seriously, gonna be 0 gains in regards to muscle, it’s all about the retention and CNS stimulus
    Zero noticeable muscle or strength loss
    Gone for 4 pack to awesome 6 - 7-8 pounds lost (obviously water and fat)
    It’s 100% worth the brief discomfort and suffering (hunger, bit of feeling spaced out etc, that will affect you at some point)
    I’m 42 in a few days - done for health and body Comp reasons
    Am sold and will use this in the future. Now I’m Lean I’m going to Lean bulk for 8-12 weeks then re-assess, possibly throwing the odd 30-32 hour fast in during this time on off days.
    I felt really fucking good that I saw it through, takes some mental fortitude - differently from lifting
    Long post, but though sharing would be useful

This sounds horrific. What were you like to coworkers? Will they still talk to you?

Good on you for setting it through


The sodium concoction kept me sane, and honestly watching the fat drop off and the strength remain kept the ‘ol spirits up’

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Can’t beat a dose of the old fasting

How much weight were you doing during this time?


I’m assuming your referring to Bw?
If not please elaborate

Started 181LBS - relatively lean (blurry
but visible abs) Finished 171LBS - Lean. After a high volume back workout today, up to 175LBS fully, veiny :0)

I was literally eating McDonald’s while I read this, and now I feel bad about myself


Like what kinda loads were you performing at the gym?

Compared to fed states?

Congrats. Sometimes I feel like I can’t fast more than 100 minutes.


That killed me :o)


I’d say 80%-85% of my 1RM - honestly though, who fucking knows as predominantly I train to look good and don’t really care to much about maxes. I’m a big believer in beating rep records within a given range, ‘dominating’ weights before increasing load etc, so the fully fasted training was an enjoyable change of pace of me, which kept me motivated.

Here’s an example of the last fasted session I did when I’d gone a loooooooooong time without food and was feeling small and weak, which given my stats isn’t to far off the mark - but hey I’m 42 and of a 'slighter build than some of you stacked lads ;0)

A1 - Med ball throws
A2 - Weighed jumps (I love my 12kg weighted vest)
3 rounds of 2-3 reps
Amped me up nice then:

B1. Zercher squat from pins
B2. OHP from pins (eye level)
5/4/3/2/1 reps increasing load as reps decrease - up to an 8/10 for Perceived Effort scale
Explosive reps, not real eccentric

Felt strong and big again by 3rd set - oh I love the games one’s mind will play



I train fasted 99% of the time. But I eat afterwards. When you train during fasts (lifting, not cardio), it’s at the end of your fast when you’re going to eat, right? Or at least, within a few hours of when you’d eat?

Nope - no food.

I have a sodium mix during and 5g creatine and BCAA before/after that’s it (so modified fast)

The training is explosive and largely eccentric-less so in theory doesn’t cause muscle damage.

Shock horror! No food and I didn’t loose any strength or noticeable muscle.

Back to regular 4 day PPL split and strength good, even banging out a few more reps in certain exercises - chins for example, less fat to pull up ;0)

I use intra workout shakes, eating 1.5-2.g per lbs BW carbs - feeling and looking fucking good


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Okay, so the answer to my question is yes, you have some calories around your training, and I would agree that is the best way to do it.

Who told you that explosive eccentric-less training doesn’t cause muscle damage? What theory are you referring to?

I’m not trying to be a dick, and I believe long fasts can be great for a myriad of reasons. But that second part makes literally no sense.

By the way, creatine and BCAAs or not, I’m impressed at your dedication sticking to something like this. That is undoable for most people.


That’s long been a CT principle, I believe. Not necessarily that they cause no damage, but that the concentric causes much less trauma and, thus, incurs less recovery debt. There is data to support much of your micro trauma will occur on the eccentric, so it’s not a huge logical leap to say that avoiding that phase would avoid some of that trauma.

The anecdotal example is how you can push the prowler until you vomit (so like 5 feet for me), but not be sore the next day.

Anyway, I’m with you: no food for 100 hours when you have the option to eat is incredible discipline!

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There’s the kicker!

I’ve done a few “modified” fasts, but sure as hell not voluntarily!


That I can get behind, as in LESS muscle damage. Not no muscle damage whatsoever. Not to split hairs, but that’s a big difference. And yes - I was VERY unhappy after 24 hours. 4x that? Goddamnnnnn

Thanks for the input chaps.

I concur that the ‘no muscle damage’ bit wasn’t accurate, and that as was rightly pointed out ‘less’ would have been more appropriate.

Now this is gonna sound overly dramatic, but this experience has really been a game changer for me in regards to my outlook in general. Allow me to elaborate:

  • willfullly not eating for long periods takes willpower, but also gives some insight and perspective - when in the modern ‘world or plenty’ we all posting live in, is stark contrast with the massive number of people that don’t get to eat regularly or at all for sustained periods. The feeling of hunger is not pleasant in many levels, and was a humbling experience, again on many more levels.
  • At least at this duration, there was no noticeable muscle or strength loss. Loss of size due to lack of carbs/glycogen sure, and yes I felt smaller, even after the 4 day keto diet part (and I’m by no means big)
  • you can train during an extended fast. Just train smart, keep reps low, explosive and crisp. 1- 2 compond movements that work as much as the body as possible (clean, snatch, SGHP, Zercher squat etc)
  • if you can adhere it will STRIP THE FAT like nothing else. A powerful tool at your disposal
  • You have to go to work, sort the kids (I have a 5 year old) and generally get on with it - mental fortitude again.
  • sodium mix (google Elliot Hulse and ‘Snake Juice’ was a must, especially as I live in Bangkok and it’s always sweaty and hot as fuck

I strongly advise trying - game changer

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Man I’d love to try fasted training but I don’t want it to impact my progress in lifting and increasing weight every week. Any input to work around this?